Hamid's got that hangry feeling...

Another year, another Ramadan, and another several dozen people killed and injured by those peaceful, peace-loving, peaceable peaceniks of the Religion of Peace:

Islamic terrorists have massacred at least 41 people and injured 102 in the first four days of the holiest month for Muslims, Ramadan, a time when some adherents of Islam believe jihad and martyrdom to be especially heroic and rewarded in paradise.

This year, Muslim leaders declared Thursday to be the start of the holy month, when most Muslims abide by Ramadan’s fasting tradition: abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex, and other physical needs each day, starting from before the break of dawn until sunset.

The various calls for jihadist groups to halt their campaign of terror has fallen on deaf ears, particularly in Afghanistan, home to the majority of attacks.

So far this Ramadan, the deadliest attack took place on Friday in Afghanistan, when the Taliban carried out an attack in Ghani province, killing nine and wounding seven.

The Afghan Taliban is also behind the attack with the most casualties (8 killed and 55 wounded).

Lord, here we go... Every time Ramadan rolls around, butt-cheeks clench around the world because Muslims decide to take out their frustrations on everyone else. In 2017 the death toll reached 1,627 globally during that one single month - and it was almost entirely caused by Muslims killing each other. In 2016 it was 421 dead. And these figures do not count the thousands more injured.

Contra the social justice bullshit that gets peddled to us by the Left, the establishment, and the media (but I repeat myself), the most dangerous thing to Muslims is not the racist so-called neo-Nazi elements of the fringe Right. It is actually other Muslims.

If you think about it, though, it is not that surprising that they get so worked up.

As the Breitbart article linked above points out, the point of Ramadan is abstention from all base desires of the flesh. In that respect - and ONLY that one - Ramadan is not terribly different from the 40-day period of fasting and abstention known to Christians as Lent.

However - and this must be carefully understood - the two periods of abstention exist for VERY different reasons.

The Christian tradition of Lent exists to replicate, at some level, the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made in His wanderings through the Judaean Desert. The tradition also exists to exhort Christians to remember the temptations that Satan offered to Jesus, so that He might abandon His ministry and bend His knee to evil. The point of Lent is to remind Christians that Christ lived and died for them, and that He endured terrible hardships and privations so that they would not have to.

The Islamic tradition of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, and exists to enforce and impress upon Muslims the need to fear their "god". If one goes far enough down the rabbit hole of trying to understand Islam's obscure origins, it can be argued, quite convincingly, that Ramadan is actually nothing much more than the idea of Lent, dressed up in rather more austere clothing, and with a very different purpose in mind than the original fasting season.

In previous eras, Lent could be a time of deprivation for the truly devoted. It almost certainly still is for members of dedicated fraternal orders. But for the average person, Lent simply means giving up something important for roughly six weeks and contemplating the nature of the sacrifice of Christ. It is not a time of severe discomfort - again, for the most part, except among those who take the season REALLY seriously.

The same cannot be said about Ramadan.

The Islamic season of fasting is a time of significant unpleasantness for its adherents. Devout Muslims are already awakened by the muezzin, a caller to prayer, uttering the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, at like 4am every day, and are required to pray five times a day.

(There are those, like President Lightworker, who argue that the adhan is one of the most prettiest sounds on Earth. I disagree. I grew up in an Islamic country. It was extremely irritating to be woken out of a sound sleep at 4am by the off-key yowlings of some guy in a minaret. Eventually you get used to it - the sound kind of becomes background noise - but it remains a very jarring and somewhat unpleasant noise.)

As a result, Muslims are short on sleep to begin with - and that is a horrid way to go through life. Take it from someone who needs (and gets) plenty of sleep. And that is just at the start of their day. On top of that, they have to add an entire day faced with no food.

Anyone who has ever done intermittent fasting knows damned well that denying yourself food for longer than 8 hours is a very unpleasant experience. It can be done, with practice and willpower, and pretty much requires you to eat a diet rich in proteins and fats, but there is still nothing fun or enjoyable about it.

Add in the Islamic prohibitions about smoking and drinking (Islamics are forbidden from consuming intoxicants - though in practice they play fast and loose with this), and especially sex, and you really do have the perfect demonstration of the reason why the Ayatollah Khomeini once (reportedly) said that "there is no fun in Islam".

When you combine these elements with the demonstrable facts that Islam is a violent, repressive, and deeply bigoted ideology that views everyone else as either potential converts, potential slaves, or potential worm-food, with the fact that most Islamic nations have mean IQs at least a full standard deviation below that of the civilised and industrialised West*, you have the perfect mix of volatile ingredients required to turn merely hungry people into hangry ones.

The fact that Muslims follow an ideology that makes them so cranky that they want to kill people should tell you, right there, everything that is wrong with it.

This, incidentally, also explains why Islam has such a tough time coexisting with other religions. It can be done, and has been achieved; there are parts of the world where Islam does manage to sit side-by-side with Christianity and Judaism and secular government. But it only happens when the political aspect of Islam is virtually powerless.

That aspect is extremely dangerous, virulent, toxic, and nasty. Islam is a supremacist ideology in almost every sense - racial, sexual, political, and economic. There is no room for moderation within Islam, which demands that its followers must follow the dictates of its "prophet" down to the letter - and its "prophet" was a warmonger, mass murderer, liar, anti-Semite, paedophile, and frankly probably quite delusional.

All of that assumes that Mohammed even existed as he is depicted in the Koran - which any reasonable reading of the available evidence would tell us is not the case.

The religious aspect of Islam, by contrast, actually isn't particularly horrid.

That aspect stresses charity, brotherhood, community, and faith. And when Islam is restricted to just those aspects by a much more powerful political entity that refuses to tolerate its nonsense, then there is not a whole lot to worry about. This has been achieved in the past through secular governance of nations like Indonesia and Turkey, where the political and violent aspects of Islam were forcibly sidelined and repressed.

Unfortunately, that secular trend has passed. The Islamic world is moving toward more radicalisation and more power for hardliners, who wish to bring back shariah law and all of its attendant miseries.

So sit tight and stay frosty, because not only is Ramadan not over - it has barely begun, actually - but its final global death toll is likely to be worse than last year's.

And the year after that will be worse still.

There really is no fun in Islam. The only possible logical end-points of its coexistence with other points of view are: expulsion and peace, or war and death.

*The exceptions to this tend to be Turks and Indonesians. And even they do not stack up all that well relative to whites, Jews, and Chinese. The average Turkish IQ, in Turkey, is 90, but outside of Turkey it is about 83. Conversely, the average Indonesian IQ, in Indonesia, is about 87, but outside of Indonesia it is about 90.


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