Good pun

I mentioned back in April that everybody's favourite cheesy operatic power metal band, POWERWOLF, is going to release a new album with truly badass cover artwork. Well, it so happens that the first single from that album has now been released, and here it is:

Great vocals? Check.

Heavy riffs? Check.

Catchy hooks? Check.

Ridiculously stupid lyrics? Check.

Strippers disguised as nuns who then start dancing in a church? Check - wait, what?!?

Yeah, really. And it's awesome.

This actually is not the best POWERWOLF single that I've ever heard - I was completely blown away by "Amen and Attack" when I heard it the first time, whereas this does not have quite the same impact. But I have to say, I have high hopes for this album. The last one was pretty damn good; let's see if the Greywolf brothers can keep up the same level of quality and skill on this one.


  1. THAT is an _extremely_ well done video. Course, the girls are all going to Hell for heresy, even so. ;)

    1. Undoubtedly, sir. But at least they will have good seats on the ride ))


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