Friday T&A: Let the Wookiee win Edition

Y'know, it is not often that things align in such a way as to ensure that everyone's favourite series on this blog lines up perfectly with the day for celebrating everything that used to be great about STAR WARS.

But then, of course, sometimes God just hands you one.

So today is going to be a joint celebration of Star Wars day and the loveliness of the female form.

Or rather, it is a joint celebration of everything that once was wonderful about the fantasy epic set IN SPAAAAACE!!! that defined the childhoods, dreams, and hopes of multiple generations, and the timeless beauty of the female form.

J. J. Abrams and Disney may well have ruined the first - though, to be fair, the many authors who crapped all over the Star Wars Expanded Universe canon through those many horrid comics and novels did not really need a whole lot of help in this regard.

And Western women may well be on their way to ruining the second - but, fortunately, there are still a fair few left who look great, and a small number of those are even date-worthy. An even smaller number of those are actually marriage-worthy.

Therefore we observe this most unusual alignment of days and events with hot girls dressed up in something resembling STAR WARS costumes.

This one, by the way, was much more difficult to put together than usual. You would be shocked at the amount of truly degenerate shit that is out there in relation to Star Wars. Or maybe you will not be; after all, a lot of fans of the saga are not exactly great with women and tend to have rather overactive imaginations.

Also - what IS it with female cosplayers and tattoos?!? They look horrid on women to begin with, and when you combine tattoos with bad cosplay, the effect is enough to trigger any decent man's upchuck reflex.

At any rate - happy Friday, y'all.


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