Bah, humbug!

Apparently someone famous got married to someone else famous over in the United Kingdom of Used To Be Great, and like all y'all, I just could not be bothered to call it a "royal marriage", because it isn't one.

Nor can I be bothered in the slightest to watch it, look at the (enormous number of) news articles about it, or pretend that it is likely to work long-term.

In fact, most men couldn't be bothered about this wedding. The women, of course, will be all over it, because that is what women do. They love to coo about the dresses and the pomp and circumstance and ceremony and all the rest of it.

It is a basic truism that women, at least in the West, love the idea of getting married. The reality of marriage, though, tends to grate on them after a few years.

Now, as I had outlined previously, "young" Harry Windsor (he's actually about my age, so he ain't no spring chicken anymore) is likely making a catastrophic mistake by marrying the Half-Blood Princess.

You do not have to be an arsehole to think this - though, let us be honest, I definitely "are" one. You simply have to possess a modicum of that rarest of commodities - "common sense".

I wrote before, and will happily write here again, that the younger Windsor son has many superb and sterling qualities. He is a brave, honourable, decent, gregarious, charming, and thoroughly admirable young man who has grown up tremendously since his hard-partying teenage years. He has served his country with distinction and honour in combat as an attack helicopter pilot - and was only prevented from serving on the front-lines with his brothers by direct orders from his superiors, who feared that the Taliban would capture him. He has shown great compassion and care for his country's veterans - who are treated appallingly badly by the very people for whom they have sacrificed so much - by spearheading the Invictus Games.

(Seriously, it is heartbreaking to see how badly the British government and its voters have let down wounded veterans returning from the Sandbox and the Rockpile. An estimated 7,000 of them - probably more - are homeless in Britain's streets, which thanks to the witless policies of several successive rapefugee-friendly governments are becoming ever more dangerous and lawless. The social compact between Britain and her warriors is simply broken, and will not be fixed anytime soon.)

Prince Harry is, again, in many ways a prime example of a high-value man.

So what the HELL was he thinking by marrying an older, mixed-race, well-ridden, once-divorced, fame-addicted, ardently feminist and liberal American actress?!? Whose own family evidently cannot resist making complete asses out of themselves at every possible level?

And he's marrying her without a prenup too.

There is only one thing to say to someone who does that: "You are made of stupid."

The only possible answer is that his understanding of his own value as a man is thoroughly out of whack with what the rest of us see. And as Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day (PBUH) pointed out:

Harry is a Mama's boy who lost his mother at a young age and has never recovered from the loss. His sociosexual rank is completely out of whack as a result, as he combines elite social rank with infantile sexuality that is desperate for the Lost Mommy. Unless she possesses acute foresight and iron-clad self-discipline, this older actress is most likely going to eat the prince alive and control his life to an extent that will become distasteful to his family, to the public, and eventually, to Harry himself.

The consequences of this particular bad decision will go far beyond Prince Harry himself:

As Jack Buckby pointed out there, the Royal Family is integral to British identity. It is an institution that stretches back beyond the time of Alfred the Great. It is wrapped in the mantle of ancient legend that continues to inspire us to this day. Britain counts King Arthur and St. George among her greatest heroes of myth, and the Windsor family is heir to a tradition that goes back to the Tudors, the Stuarts, and even farther into the past.

Britain still takes the idea of a constitutional monarchy seriously. The Royal Family is still revered and loved by the majority of the British public - and by far more than just the Brits, too. The British built the greatest empire the world has ever seen, and gave birth to nations that rose up and became great in their own right. Britain created the modern Anglosphere, a group of nations with a common core identity, value set, language, customs, and history.

That is the legacy to which young Prince Harry is an heir.

And he has now exposed it to a woman who will do tremendous damage to it unless she is very, very careful.

I could, of course, be wrong. I have been wrong about royal marriages before - spectacularly so, in the case of Prince William and Kate Middleton. And if I am wrong, I will gladly eat my words.

However, as LTC Kratman, Excruciator Majoris of the Evil Legion of Evil, pointed out, the track record of British royalty marrying American women is... poor, to say the least.

Prince Harry deserves to be happy, because he has earned it through difficult and honourable service to his country and good works of charity for his wounded brothers-in-arms. But it looks like he is making a huge mistake here, and one that he will come to regret dearly.

After all, when an old Australian feminist like Germaine Greer tells you that your new wife is likely to do a runner and take half your shit with her... it is probably time to start looking for discreet ways to hide the family china.


  1. Well, the Middleton girl appears not only to have been a fine choice, but may well be serving as the brains of the outfit. This Christian charity we can only wish them luck.


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