What she said

Paul Joseph Watson had a go at beating up on a VICE article that tried to mock conservatives for having a tough time dating in liberaltard big cities, and did so by having a girl who calls herself "Ashton Birdie" as his guest.

Now, I think PJW is great - much respect to him, definitely a subscriber, hell, I even gave the InfoWars Brain Force supplement a try. He may be a civic nationalist, and therefore will eventually have to choose between Alt-Right and irrelevance, but he always has something interesting to say and liberals react to him as if he, personally, dumped half a hundredweight of horseradish directly into their short trousers.

But - and I mean this in the nicest possible way - he does not look nearly as good in a tight pink top with cleavage, hair, and face on full display as his guest does in her videos:

Blonde hair? Check. Nice tits? Check. Cute face? Check. Gun-totin' MAGA hat-wearin' Bible-thumpin' lady? Check. Interesting voice? Check.

Eastern European accent? Oh. Damn. Nope. Too bad, really; for me that would have been the complete package.

Yes, she might be a cut-price Tomi Lahren or Lauren Southern. I warned people about the dangers of listening to tradthots late last year, and I stand by those remarks; there is nothing quite so dangerous to the Right as a woman saying all the right things in a top that strategically displays her ample, bouncy, perky cleavage is topped off and framed by a cute face with good hair. Such things serve as distractions to her actions - and, as always, a woman must be judged by her actions, not her words.

All of that being said - she makes a good point.

Liberals don't need to concern themselves with whether or not conservatives can go on dates and get laid. If anything, the research shows us that conservatives are better looking, more attractive, better at managing their money, more charitable and humane, happier, and just plain more interesting than liberals.

What liberals should be concerned about is the epidemic of whiny low-T soyboys in their ranks, as well as the absolute explosion in horrifically ugly unbangable low-E feminists and future crazy cat ladies that seem to make up their women:

For any ladies reading this - not likely, but one can always hope - I finish with the usual admonition to the more liberal fairer sex:

And we're better looking than the soyboys you're forced to date these days.


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