The ISIS goat rodeo

The rat-bastards of ISIS decided to have a go at filming a training montage - inside a mosque in Afghanistan, no less - and the results were... well, somewhat less than stellar:

Now don't get me wrong, as far as I'm concerned every last one of those murdering genocidal fanatics should be turned into red goo, preferably by using the business end of a 50-cal machine gun. Or, barring that, by dropping a few daisy-cutters on top of them. (At least three. One to do the job, one to make sure, and one more because overkill is underrated.)

But there are times when it makes very good sense to just point and laugh at them.

And that video above is a very good example of the ways in which ISIS is trying, and failing, to mount a serious conventional military threat to nation-states in the Middle East.

That is not to say that ISIS is not dangerous. Of course it is - extremely so. ISIS represents the latest and most virulent mutation of Islamist doctrine, which teaches that the entire world must be brought under the subjugation of an Islamic caliphate. And that caliphate will not stop until all of us are crushed under the heel of a brutal religious dictatorship in which the only options left open to non-Muslims are conversion, enslavement, or death.

Short of sending yet more American troops to fight yet more pointless and bloody endless nation-building exercises in the Middle East, ISIS must be destroyed by any means necessary. If that means that the US must support nasty dictators like Bashir al-Assad to do so, fine - at least those dictators are secular tyrants who torment and molest their own people, instead of sending suicide terrorists and "migrants" over to Western shores to wreak havoc here.

All of that said - it still helps to mock ISIS whenever and wherever possible:


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