Strength and courage, brother

I had hoped to bring my usual mix of sarcasm, wit, and cranky get-off-my-goddamn-lawn attitude to today's post. That would be inappropriate given the news that I saw last night.

One of our best has suffered a terrible loss. Roosh's sister died from breast cancer, aged just 31:

My only sister has died of breast cancer. She was 31 years old. She was the most important person in my life. I’m hurting.

In the next several months, I intend to publish normal articles. Maybe in the future I will share what happened in a way that will honor her.

First, my most sincere condolences to Roosh and his family. They are going through Hell.

I have a younger sister myself - about the same age gap exists between her and me as did the one between Roosh and his. There are no words to describe the pain of a loss like that.

Not everyone who reads this will agree with Roosh, his views, or his lifestyle. That is as it should be. Nobody on the Right, and especially not within the Alt-Right, agrees with everything everyone else in this neck of the woods thinks and believes.

But one thing cannot be denied: Roosh has, in his own way, tried very hard to make life better for thousands of men, through his writing, his coaching, his workshops, and his websites. Judge his results as you will - the effort is unmistakable, as are the results.

My thoughts and prayers are with Roosh and his family during this very difficult time for them all.


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