Severe burn treatment needed

A particularly brutal truth of game is delivered to David Hogg right between the eyes in the most personal way possible by a Twatterer:

Also, Roosh is not too far off - Nasim Aghdam really does look like Daryush Valizadeh might without a beard, if you squint really hard.

Of course, if you know anything about basic game, the fact that Nikolas DeJesus Cruz is getting inundated with fan letters from horny stupid girls, is not in the least bit surprising.

The tradcons and liberaltards seem to be pretty shocked by it, but there is nothing new about this phenomenon. Tradcons will likely decry it as a sign of a decaying and collapsing civilisation that women are lusting after a mass-murdering psychopath - and actually they are right about that - but the fact is that women are, and have always been, wired that way.

We have known for years that the so-called "Dark Triad" of traits, comprising psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism, are highly attractive - in both sexes. For women, in particular, a demonstrated ability and willingness to kill is a primal attraction trigger that dates back to our evolutionary ancestors. Women have a very strong erotic preference for highly dominant men - and if this is news to you, then you have been living under a rock for most of your life. Few things demonstrate dominance over one's surroundings and fellow human beings than the proven capacity for instant and lethal violence.

Now, before people get their tights in a wad, let me be perfectly clear about one thing: I am not advocating in favour of taking up your AR-15 or handgun and going out to shoot down a bunch of innocent people. Nikolas Cruz is a Grade-A shitbag who, if he is found competent to stand trial for murder and has the capacity and intelligence to recognise what he is done, should be swiftly and summarily executed for his crimes. "An eye for an eye", and all that good stuff.

Oh, and speaking of that supposedly outdated and regressive idea:

Back on topic - the female attraction to mass murderers is not new and can be explained. That is not the problem here. The problem is the modern female propensity to act on that fantasy and spend inordinate amounts of time obsessing over Omega incels who became psycho-killers.

And that problem has its own root cause: lack of firm masculine role models.

Ask yourself this: would a well-brought-up young woman from a conservative, religious household with a strong, committed, loving father be likely to send fan-mail to a jailed murderer?

It is certainly possible for such a woman to do so. No man ever went broke by overestimating the female capacity for willful self-delusion. But it is not particularly likely.

Just as there is clear empirical evidence to back up the scientific hypothesis that women are highly attracted to killers, there is also clear evidence to support the argument that girls who grew up with strong, masculine, devoted fathers tend to be attracted to men who are most like their most obvious and clearly present understanding of the ideal masculine role model. In other words - women are most attracted to men who most closely resemble their fathers.

It therefore follows easily enough that girls brought up without strong fathers - or, worse, without fathers at all - are more likely to be attracted to evil men. And that is because they have no real template upon which to model their understanding of what makes up a "good" man.

Given this lack of basic understanding of what makes a good man - which is very different from being good at being a man - the only thing that a woman has to fall back upon is her primal instincts that tell her what an attractive man looks like.

We are, after all, products of a very long, complex, and merciless evolutionary process, and in evolutionary terms, the biggest, strongest, and most dangerous men are the ones who get the most women - because they provide the strongest genes and the highest likelihood of physical safety and resource provision to women.

Coming back to David Hogg himself, the young lad certainly is cashing in on his newfound celebrity, and no doubt that will come with a lot of attention from young women everywhere. If he has even a shred of sense, he will make the most of it while it lasts - because the fact is that he is a bit of a loser.

He espouses a Beta loser's philosophy. He tries to shrug off the fact that he got rejected by a number of colleges by arguing that he is too busy "changing the world" to be worried about college admissions. Yet he is attacking the windmill of American gun rights in the hope of "changing the national conversation" - when all he is actually doing is driving up NRA membership, gun sales, and national awareness of the need for gun rights.

And he is still less successful with girls than an Omega who finally snapped and went on a rampage because of his chronic lack of success with women.

If that does not spell "loser", I really do not know what does.

Young Mr. Hogg, here are a few words of kindly brotherly advice from an older dude who was where you are now - weak-limbed, a bit of a liberal, ardently convinced of his own moral superiority, and unwilling and unable to listen to alternative points of view:

What happened to you and your classmates is absolutely horrible, and I am truly sorry that you suffered through it. But do not pretend that your experiences trump the God-given rights of your fellow Americans to own, use, and train with, firearms. Their right is greater than your grief and sorrow, by far.

And let me offer you a little advice, if I may, to help you deal with your troubles as a public figure now.

Go to a gym and learn how to lift. Go to a martial arts school and learn how to deal with repeated humiliation at the hands of your betters. Go to a gun range, and get over your hoplophobia.

Take some of the money and status generated by your newfound celebrity, and put it in the bank. You will need it. Soon you will become yesterday's news.

And use your fame while you can, to get with as many idiotic fangirls as you can. You will need the experience of dealing with flaky low-quality groupies, so that you know what to look for in a good woman and wife someday.


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