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Way back in about 2008 or so, shortly after the release of The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. Animation released a compilation DVD of six anime short stories featuring the one and only Kevin Conroy as the voice of the Goddamned Batman. That was pretty badass. The animation varied from good to amazing, the voice acting was, for the most part, superb, and the storylines added a new set of dimensions to the greatest hero in the DCU. (I don't care what anyone says - Superman is a blue-pill Boy Scout shmuck compared to the Dark Knight, and here is why.)

Now the DCAU has gotten a new, time-travelling version of Bats, who gets sent back to feudal Japan to take on an alternate universe ruled by the Joker, and... ah, hell, just watch this:

And THAT, Marvel, is how you make a badass comic book character really come to life. You don't turn him into a fearful whiny overemotional little bitch who has to be rescued by a woman - as was done to Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

Instead, you give him a freakin' samurai sword, and turn him loose to go break shit and restore order.


  1. I haven't been this exited to see an anime since Ninja Scroll ,Dark City and Megazone 88.

    1. So excited that you needed to "exit"? ))

      Grammar-Nazi jokes aside, yeah, I'm a big fan of Ninja Scroll too. And this looks like it picked up a lot of cues from that classic.

  2. Batman by Gaslight wasn't bad, either

    1. Interesting. I have not seen that. The write-ups look pretty good. Thanks, I'll have to check it out.

  3. It would appear that Tony Hale did almost, ALMOST, as good a job with Joker's voice as did Mark Hamill. Hamill really nailed the Joker in my opinion. While I don't think all Joker voice-overs should necessarily sound like Mark Hamill, there does need to be the right "feel" in the voice. While Tony's voice sounded like it might be a little high at times in the trailer, the laugh sounded good--and that's important. Of course, that's only what I could tell from a few trailer viewings. But it does look like this Batman Ninja has some real potential to it.
    I liked the Joker "men-gu" faces on the warrior henchmen. The visual impact was something like an anime version of "The Purge: Anarchy". And while it doesn't look like she was drawn as hot as she was in previous Joker episodes, they didn't do a bad job on Harley Quinn. I have not heard her voice yet.
    And for the record, Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad was HOT. And Joker was a massive, metro-sexual, Charlie Foxtrot.


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