Monday morning grumpies

It's an absolutely hideous day outside in terms of the weather both in the Northeast and the Midwest - though over here it's just disgustingly wet, to the point where you have to swim everywhere. Farther west, I gather they got hit with a full foot of snow over in Minneapolis and other parts of the Great Lakes.

Ain't that just the way - you get two whole days of decent springtime weather, and then another storm comes along to dump, literally, all over your good mood.

With that in mind - and seeing how tomorrow is the deadline for filing US taxes - here are a few photos and links to help tickle your inner curmudgeon.

As for taxes: it is said, correctly, that the only two inevitable things in life are death and taxes (unless you're Greek, since tax-dodging is practically a national pastime in that country). Having dealt with the impossibly convoluted nature of the American tax system for 11 years (and counting), I have to say that I am honestly not sure whether death is objectively worse than taxes.

Anyone here remember The Lion King? Which was basically Disney's attempt at making a sort of Shakespearian mash-up involving lions and assorted wildlife?

Well, the older I get, the more I find myself relating to and identifying with the villain of that movie, Scar, played with superb class and skill by the one and only Jeremy Irons:

Here's one that I spotted just the other day for real in an actual bar:

Courtesy of Kim du Toit - one for all of the used performance car owners out there:

And lastly, here is a blog for every cranky introvert out there who has mixed feelings about people even at the best of times:

What is Quiet Revolution's vision for the workplace?
Complete silence. Unlimited free coffee. A company cat.

Really though, we’ve spent thousands of hours designing and testing a transformative model for bringing a new definition of leadership to your workplace. Where the mono-narratives of leadership, creativity, and performance success move beyond the favored “bold and alpha” temperaments. Where “She needs to speak up more” becomes “Her thoughtful ideas helped take this program to the next level.” Where “He’s too quiet to take charge” becomes “His patience and deep focus gave us the edge we needed to make the best choices.”

Our model utilizes trained dynamic, committed specialists called Quiet Ambassadors. The best part? Quiet Ambassadors are people who already work for you: They are introverts and extroverts; women and men; current and future leaders. Quiet Ambassadors are first armed with the knowledge and skills to understand and tap into their own and — as importantly — each other’s unique natural strengths, and second, convert that knowledge into action immediately to broaden definitions of leadership, amend creative processes, and redefine good performance.

The result? Employees feel valued, new leaders emerge, confidence increases, and innovative work rises to the top.

And free coffee OR a cat.

Dude. Sign me up!


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