One of my all-time favourite goofball metal bands is releasing a new album later this year, and I have to say, the album artwork alone looks amazing:


Reminds me a lot of the truly amazing artwork from IRON MAIDEN's The Number of the Beast, going all the way back to 1982.

It remains to be seen whether the album itself will be good. The previous outing, Blessed and Possessed, was pretty damned good, but I still think that their best album was and remains Preachers of the Night.

But, really, this is just a good excuse to go drag a bunch of great POWERWOLF songs out of the vaults (again).


  1. This is fantastic news. I learned of Powerwolf through your blog . They're so damn catchy, even my wife and kid will sing along when I play In the Name of God.

    1. Now THAT is how you introduce your kids to good music!


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