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Tennessee college senior poses for a photo while wearing a "Women for Trump" T-shirt - and a gun in her belly band. Gaystream media and liberaltards proceed to completely lose their shit. Hilarity ensues.

Now, I'm an old fart at this point - being in my early thirties and all - so I have no idea what college traditions and campuses are like anymore, beyond knowing that I almost certainly do not want to set foot on one. After all, I find the stench of unwashed hippies, rancid weed, and rotten progressive politics to be highly offensive and therefore prefer to generally stay the hell away from such places.

I'm not a big fan of college students in general either - even though I train with one. She's Russian, and therefore crazy, but she is also (usually) a very nice girl when she isn't spazzing out and trying to kick me in the face.

To these geriatric eyes, most of the "men" look like toddlers with backpacks and bad haircuts - and most of the "women" on modern college campuses are not only vapid, immature, and extraordinarily vain, but they are ugly and nasty enough to give even a starving hyena second thoughts. I've visited Columbia University's campus several times over the last few years to lecture at seminars, and the walk through undergrad territory has become less pleasant with every passing visit.

But the young lady above, and other women like her, give me at least some hope for America's yoof. There are, in fact, a few good conservative young ladies out there who understand that the right to keep and arm bears - er, I mean, bear arms.

(Sorry, not sorry. I couldn't resist the temptation.)

It amuses me no end to find that the liberaltard media are unable to comprehend the idea that women can in fact carry firearms in concealed holsters without looking unfashionable, ugly, or ungainly. I mean, I thought they were all about women's rights, including that whole "my body my choice" routine? Apparently, murdering an unborn child is totally a-okay with them, but buying, training with, learning how to use, and carrying a concealed weapon is somehow wrong for women?

It kind of makes you question just who the knuckle-dragging regressive misogynists really are. (Hint: it ain't us on the Right.)

Oh, and apparently young Ms. Spencer there is single. Unfortunately, in this day and age that could mean any number of things - most of them very, very bad for any man with his head screwed on tightly - so if you are planning to ask Brenna there out for senior prom, or whatever it is that graduating college students do in mid-May to celebrate the end of four years of the indoctrination mill, then you MUST follow the Gipper's tried and tested advice:

Amen, Mr. President.

As for the young lady in the picture above - good on her for making it clear that she will not be intimidated into giving up her right to keep and bear arms. At least some of the little nosediggers these days are being brought up right.


  1. Have you seen the left, in all its glory, which is to say all the bad taste, all the vindictiveness, all the pettiness, and all the rank stupidity, and how they've reacted on the girl's FB page?

    1. I did not, but I cannot say that I am surprised by the "enlightened" and "progressive" and "tolerant" Left displaying all of its many "virtues" in public like that. The Left really do react like snotty five-year-olds when presented with opinions and ideas that they do not like - they jump up and down, scream and shout, and call us all manner of silly names.

      The irony is that Ms. Spencer there is doing exactly what liberaltards keep telling us that they want women to do - to stand up and have their own opinions. Of course, those opinions only count if they are part of the pre-approved set of beliefs that liberals themselves hold.

  2. What an attractive young woman. Nice shirt, that's not a bad picture and I like her gun. Wait, that didn't...I...never mind.

    I wonder if her mother is seeing anyone at the moment.


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