Gunny and the Duke

Your argument is invalid:

It is just a cryin' shame that two such epic legends appeared together in a commercial for the beer-flavoured horse-piss that is Coors Light.

Now, I know that insulting Coors, Budweiser, and Miller - in any of their various forms - is sufficient reason for Americans, especially in the South and Midwest, to shoot the offender. Thing is, though, I've drunk quite a few beers from many different countries, and I have to say that "mainstream" American beer is an insult to the very concept of the drink.

That being said - even Budweiser is not, strangely enough, the worst beer that I have ever tasted. It's damned close, don't get me wrong, but even that atrocity isn't quite the worst.

That would probably be Chang Beer, from Thailand.

They could be giving the stuff away at the Friday Night Fights that I've attended in the past - and I still wouldn't drink it. I'll stick to water, it tastes better and is considerably healthier for you - and, actually, is probably going to get you hammered a lot faster.


  1. Tusker Lager, bottled anywhere in Sub-Sahara Africa, is the worst beer in THE WORLD. It is ubiquitous everywhere from the Congo to Kenya.

    To be fair, it doesn't taste like piss. It tastes like watery diarrhea mixed with Agent Orange, and I am pretty sure that if you mixed it with ACTUAL Piss you'd wind up with mustard gas.

    It is traditionally served warm, because most Africans are too stupid to operate refrigeration.

    1. Yeah, that's worse than Chang Beer, and by some distance. Chang just causes a mild sense of nauseated disappointment; it seems like Tusker Lager would cause full-on spontaneous combustion for anyone not from Africa.

  2. You're a young pup. I remember when Heineken was considered a "good", "premium" beer. Coors, Budweiser, Miller - horrid. Even cheaper beer - Old Style, Iron City, Milwaukee's Best - putrid. It's why since law school I have never been a beer person. Just cannot drink beer anymore.


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