"Grab a cat around the waist and bite down on its tail"

That is a polite form of the description often given of bagpipe music. But I have to admit, I am actually quite partial to the stuff - it is very much an acquired taste, but then, so too is heavy metal. And of course, since my taste in music is exquisite, it stands to reason that this too is excellent.

The fact that there are hawt chicks playing these pipes just adds to the colour, in my opinion.

I actually came across this thanks to our friends over at Men of the West. It made the tedium of my appointment earlier today pass much faster. And the way that author Boethius put it in the post made me laugh - "if you don't like this, we can't be friends".

That reminds me of what MANOWAR used to say, back in the day when they still made good music: "If you're not into metal, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND!".

And, yes, this was really just an excuse to post a bunch of MANOWAR songs. Are you really complaining?


  1. Well, I see we agree on a music venue now. The pipes. They can be so awesome. And if I were going into combat, that's what I'd want to be hearing over the din of battle. It's definitely the pipes for sure when you be "dreeing your weird. "


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