Friday T&A: Miss American Pie Edition

This week's edition of bubbly bodacity comes via a news story that I saw on the usual gaystream media sites about a May-November relationship between Don McLean and his girlfriend. Now, normally I would not bother myself in the slightest about such things - they are, after all, proof positive of the core tenet of game that "men age like fine wine, women age like milk".

That was before I realised who the story was about.

Music lovers out there know exactly who Don McLean is. He is the man who composed the hit folk rock classic "American Pie". This was the same song which a seriously over-the-hill pop singer named Madonna - you may recall the name - butchered quite badly with her cover in 2000.

His girlfriend is someone who I have never heard of before. She is a Playboy and Instagram model named Paris Dylan, and... well, see for yourself. It is not difficult to see how and why that particular relationship works.

As Roissy loves to say - dudes dig youth and beauty, chicks dig wealth and power. Case closed.

Happy Friday, boys. I'm off to church later today - both the spiritual and the steel kind - and then relaxing with a few beers.


  1. She reminds me of Jennifer Connelly right when she was at her peak, around 'rocketeer'


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