Friday T&A: Desert Rain Edition

Here in the eastern bit of the US where I am, visiting family, it's still absolutely bloody freezing right now. If it is spring, this is definitely the coldest one that I can remember in 11 years. Damned Al Gore and his stupid "global warming"...

That being said - it is useful to remind ourselves that there is, in fact, a warmer season on the way, and that winter will eventually end. The most effective method that I have come across is, of course, by running into pictures of hot babes from the southern states, where the spring rains have (probably) already come and gone.

This week's specific hot babe in question is a Latina from Arizona, who is best known for... well, you'll see.

Happy Friday, boys. I'm off to spend some time with family and enjoy the sunshine - even if it is still absurdly cold outside.

(Oh, and in case you're wondering where the post's title comes from...)


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