Friday T&A: Baltic Breeze Edition

It has been quite a while since I turned the focus of this series - everyone's absolute favourite part of the entire blog, of course - onto the often spectacular women of Eastern Europe. A reader, who shall remain nameless, mentioned that Latvia is an often-overlooked source of feminine beauty and grace, so I decided to put that idea to the test.

After much arduous fun - er, I mean, hard work - I must conclude that said reader was quite correct.

So here are a bunch of pictures of 25-year-old Latvian glamour model Sabine Jemeljanova. She probably is not the best-looking Latvian woman around - likely because she is based in London, not Eastern Europe - but her figure makes up for it.

She is also an actress who has starred in such, ahem, "movies" as Strippers vs Werewolves. (Seriously.) So you kind of know what to expect.

Fair warning, though - if you do a search for her, you will quickly find out that her Instagram account was hacked during the hilariously titled event that we all know now as #TheFappening. That means that quite a few of her photos are apparently... well, let's just say, somewhat non-PG.

Happy Friday, lads. Enjoy the scenery, and the spring weather which is actually somewhat decent for a change. Later today there will be Church - trespassers and debtors to be forgiven, daily bread to be received, and all of the other good stuff of the Holy Word to be experienced, after all - and then there will be lifts.

Oh, and on a personal note - thank you once again to all of the readers who have written in with messages of support and help. Words cannot relate how much that means to me. The last month has been difficult, but things seem to be improving somewhat. I don't know when I will be able to report some good news, but I remain cautiously optimistic and continue to have faith.


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