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Commenter Dire Badger had some quite germane thoughts to add with respect to immigration and multiculturalism to my post the other day about certain adversities that I have encountered:

Indians who grew up in India have a culture that is PROFOUNDLY different from ours... and even after living here for 30 years, They are hostile in the extreme to 'American'. They tend to be what our culture classifies as 'greedy, grasping, and profoundly ignorant of courtesy.' And always seem to be ready to insult or discount an American's opinion at any turn, even if the evidence is in their favor.

The worst part is, they often tend to teach their own children the same behavior. Like somehow having three jobs sitting on their ass at Burger king, Exxon, and 7eleven makes them far less lazy than the guys that put in 10 hours a day moving furniture but don't work weekends due to exhaustion.

I don't know what you would call it, probably not EXACTLY racism, but culturalism...

When I am in India, I do my absolute best to respect their social mores, culture, and tradition... But I would not stay. I wish very much that those raised in that cultural tradition would have the same courtesy.

It doesn't take a racist to want to build a wall.

What can I say other than... yep.

He is correct. While DB puts things perhaps a tad more pointedly than I would, this pattern of behaviour can be observed in any enclave that contains significant numbers of South Asians (not just Indians).

Now at this point I have to take pains to state that, of course, the -ism is not the -ist. Simply put, this means that just because a specific individual is from the Subcontinent, that does not mean that said individual acts just like a stereotypical Indian or Pakistani or Sri Lankan.

There are folks from that part of the world who revere the American Constitution, who fear and try to obey the Lord and His Commandments, who consider Christianity to be righteous and just and the closest thing that we will ever get to understanding the mind of God.

There are even a few such folks who consider a big juicy bloody-red steak and a glass of red wine to be exactly the right way to end a Sunday night. (Hinduism teaches that cows are sacred, and some of its most strict adherents abstain from alcohol - and that explains quite a lot of the reasons why Indians are not Americans.)

They just happen to be vanishingly few in number.

Now, the majority of immigrants who come over to Western nations from the Indian subcontinent are law-abiding folks, in that they mostly wish to be left alone to do as they please. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, for such is the first and most basic instinct of just about any group of people regardless of nationality.

However, there is a big difference between wanting to be left alone, and wanting to integrate into a host society. These are not mutually exclusive concepts, but far too many immigrants treat them as such.

For the most part, if you spend significant amounts of time in Indian or Pakistani enclaves in the US, or elsewhere in the Western world, you will find that they really have very little in common with the "heartland" American. And that is because they have no real desire to integrate into mainstream American life.

Again, there are exceptions. Some very close family friends of mine came here to study, found jobs, settled down, had kids, bought a house. Their children are unrecognisable from American kids, and they live in a very white neighbourhood with almost no other Indians around.

But - and this is key - the reason why they have integrated very well is because they mostly left the traditions and customs of their homeland behind, and adopted American ones instead.

This is not especially common among Indians. It is extremely uncommon among Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. And that is because, when they come over here, they stick to their own customs, languages, and patterns of behaviour - because those are the things that are familiar to them and make sense to them in their own land.

By the way, Americans are often guilty of the same kind of behaviour abroad. There is a stereotype even in most Western nations of the "obnoxious American tourist", and it exists for a very good reason. Americans tend to insist on speaking in English to everyone, even in non-English-speaking nations in Europe. They tend to speak rather too loudly. You can spot a convoy of American tourists a mile away - because you can hear them even farther away than that.

However - given sufficient time, an American can culturally assimilate easily enough into a majority-white European nation. It takes time and effort to learn a new language - something which Americans find difficult to do, given the appallingly poor level of public education in the country and the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans grow up without any need to learn anything beyond English.

It is difficult to say the same of imports from the subcontinent - or anywhere else, for that matter. Even after being in the US for decades, even after putting down roots and spawning multiple generations of descendants, their instincts and patterns of behaviour remain largely the same as they were when they left their countries of origin.

I know and have worked alongside a fairly decent sample set of Indians during my time in the USA. I have spent quite a lot of time in Indian-heavy areas of New York and New Jersey. In fact, it is possible to drive out to, say, Edison, NJ, or Jackson Heights in Queens, NY, and find yourself thinking that you are right in the middle of a busy main street in Calcutta or New Delhi.

The situation is even worse in Europe and Britain, especially the majority-Muslim bits. I have written before of my experiences walking through the streets of London in the Tower Hamlets area, where you could swear that you were walking through parts of Dhaka in Bangladesh, or the hardcore Muslim areas of Calcutta. (Hint: those places are not nice ones to be in, especially if you are a non-Muslim or - God help you - white woman.)

At the core of the problem is the fact that we naturally seek out those who are most like us. As I and others like me have pointed out many times before, xenophobia is a survival instinct. And it applies just as much to immigrants who come to new countries as it does to the hosts in those countries who view the new arrivals with suspicion.

Now, in my personal experience, Americans are far more tolerant, welcoming, and decent toward immigrants than pretty much anyone else on Earth - much more so than Europeans, even more so than Britons, and certainly more so than Australians. That is part of the reason why I love this country - because its people have always treated me with courtesy and respect, with the clear understanding that I have a duty to be a good and law-abiding guest and must observe and respect their customs and their laws.

However, to be brutally honest, it is easy to be a good guest when you are on your own in an unfamiliar land. (It is even easier when you have spent your entire childhood and adult life in a Westernised environment, of course.)

When you come from South Asia and choose to live in a community of people who look very much like you, speak the same language that you left behind, and follow most of the same customs, on the other hand, it becomes very easy to revert to the old patterns of behaviour that you left behind.

And therein lies the problem with mass immigration.

It is a basic, unavoidable, and absolute law of Nature that, beyond a certain point, if you import lots of people from country X, you get country X in your own land.

If you import lots of Italians, you get Little Italy - with great food, and Mafia politics.

If you import lots of Poles and Hungarians, you get the Polish and Magyar areas of the Upper East Side - also with great food, lots of vodka, and a lifelong antipathy toward Russians and Swedes and Italians.

If you import lots of Russians and Ukrainians, you get Little Odessa in Brooklyn - stunning girls with snooty attitudes, shifty Russian mob bosses, plenty of борщ, and a post-Soviet strongman attitude toward law and order that often does not sit well with ordinary Americans.

If you import lots of Japanese, you get great sushi restaurants and spotlessly clean neighbourhoods full of quiet civilised types who nonetheless will treat you with frigid politeness, because you are gai-jin, even though they are the immigrants.

If you import lots of Swedes and Finns, you get... well, Minnesota. Which I hear is pretty damned interesting in winter, what with the 10-foot snowfalls.

If you import lots of Mexicans, you get Mexico. Enough said, really.

Likewise - if you import lots of Somalians, you get Somalia in the middle of Minnesota, which now apparently leads the country in contributing foreign fighters to ISIS.

If you import lots of Pakistanis, you get Tower Hamlets and Rotherham and Rochdale and Sheffield.

If you import lots of Indians, you get a slightly more civilised version of India - a country that is dirty, overcrowded, polluted, noisy, riotously loud, and considerably more colourful than most Westerners can handle.

This pattern repeats itself no matter where you look. Europe is currently swamped with a migrant crisis that amounts to one of the largest invasions - and that is the proper term for it - in human history. And our friend the Gentleman Adventurer points out that, as more Little Brown Brothers move into Melbourne, the white folk who built the city move out - to the detriment of all.

DB's specific points about Indians are well made. If you have ever worked in a building that contains large numbers of Indians, you will find that they generally stick together at lunch and during breaks. They do not associate much with folks outside of their own kind - and they self-segregate even more than that. South Indians stick together with other Tamil and Telugu speakers. Hindi and Bengali speakers from northern and eastern India stick to themselves. And Punjabis and Rajasthanis, who have their own very colourful traditions, prefer their own kind too.

They routinely bring their lunches from home - because very few Indians actually adapt particularly well to Western-style cooking and food. If you have ever been to an Indian curry house, you can look forward to smelling that particular fugue throughout your office or the canteen room.

It is worth pointing out that these are not racist sentiments. They are simply observations. They are not value statements. It is to be expected that people who grew up in the subcontinent, will act like people from the subcontinent.

Indians in India can be, and are, upstanding and hospitable people. The same is true for Chinese in China - good folk with great food and a really amazing talent for carefully choreographed tours of their country.

But, if any of them are feeling their oats a little and are willing to tell the truth, they will tell you exactly what they think of you Americans: they are not like you, they do not like you, they do not want to become "one of you", and they intend to replace you.

Again, these are not racist observations, there is no judgement of value attached to any of this. It is simply a description of reality.

It does not, indeed, take a racist to want to build a wall and strictly control who gets in to one's native country. Immigrants must be given the time and the incentive to assimilate. They must be told to accept native customs and traditions and value them over their own - and if they don't like it, they bloody well ought to go home. They must understand and respect American law, custom, and history.

These things do not happen overnight. The lessons often take generations to sink in, and even then, racial and genetic characteristics continue to exhibit themselves well into the lower generations. It took decades for the Irish and Italians to integrate themselves into American society. And it took decades for the Swedes and Finns and Germans to do the same.

Historically, America instituted multi-decade pauses in immigration, which allowed those new arrivals to settle in, adapt, build their own new traditions, and merge in with mainstream America. Critically, though, all of those folks who came over, did so from European nations - though Italians and Irish, for instance, were not actually considered "white" when they were brought over. They therefore shared a common heritage of the Graeco-Roman philosophical legacy, the Christian teachings about morality, and the Enlightenment advances in science.

Asians and South/Central Americans have none of these things and Eastern Europeans have them only somewhat weakly - though the latter, to their credit, tend to be somewhat less tolerant of social justice stupidity because they went through the Satanic Hell of Communism.

Ultimately, reality always wins out. In modern-day America, whites are clearly recognising that the country that they grew up with no longer exists. They see that they are under siege, that their very way of life is being destroyed before their eyes. They will not simply take it and ask for more - no race, culture, or creed in history has done so. They will fight back - legally if they can, and with force if they must.

When, not if, that happens - look out below, and go long guns and ammo, because that is exactly what whites have been doing for years.


  1. I know this may seem to be a little odd, but I wanted to share a theory that has been banging around in my head for quite some time now about leftist culture.

    One thing that is interesting is that leftism and veganism/vegetarianism/foodie culture seem to go hand in hand. This started right about the same time hardcore leftism started to consume the country, around the 60's.

    Now the problem is that in a very real way, the food culture is the part of leftism that was absolutely justified... it is backed by logic (at least the non-vegan part is) and has a hard kernel of truth upon which the enormous structure of foodie cultists have built... The truth is, corporations have, in the name of profit, been feeding us and our pets poisonous garbage for decades... Garbage which has been killing us, and which, in the last two decades, we have discovered has actually been dramatically shortening our lifespan... advances in medicine have been barely keeping pace with our deadly diet.

    The thing is, such diets that avoid our primary food production methodologies in this country have some major holes... The reason corporate food has done well is because of the need to nourish an ever-growing world population. Sure, it's poison, but it's better than starvation. So when you cut out that corporate sourcing, suddenly you are faced with a healthy diet that nevertheless leads to malnutrition. It was a coup by the corporations to claim a monopoly on food production, and if you are 'picky' about your non-corporate diet, you will absolutely have nutritional holes in your diet.

    Varying this diet by indulging in lots of foreign imports is a way to stave off this malnutrition... but the spectre remains. And anyone that has ever gone a week or more without food can tell you that in the face of malnutrition, like going 'cold turkey' from a drug to which you have built up a dependence, thoughts of food consume your entire consciousness. This is the biggest reason why Vegans tend to be so vocal about their dietary perversions... Their starving body will not let them stop thinking about food for even a moment.

    One of the biggest reasons so many lefties are opposed to avoiding foreign immigrants is that, with those immigrants, comes a greater food variety, and more potential sources for the nutrients that they are lacking in their diets. The fact that this is an illusion is irrelevant in their minds. (You don't need to accept the immigrant to steal the recipe, and mexican corn is just as horrible for a westerner's body as soybeans and other empty carbs)

    So, in their minds, when we say "Send them back", we are messing with their FOOD SUPPLY. We are trying to STARVE them. This shuts off their reasoning facility entirely (a starving man will gorge himself even though he may know it could kill him). This may be one of the reasons we see them as so utterly invulnerability to reality.

    I have NEVER gotten into a fight with a leftist right after they have eaten a good steak dinner with buttered green beans and carrots and a glass or two of good stout. They even seem to be amenable to right wing thought... I have even had serious grrl power feminists nodding long while I have said things like child support should be abolished after they have demolished a good western/paleolike meal.

    1. I think you might be on to something there.

      While I do not know enough about the science to back it up, I have seen a number of clickbait articles kicking around on teh innarwebz hyping up a British Journal of Cancer study that found that vegans had 13% higher testosterone concentration than meat-eaters.

      The problem is that these articles neglect to mention that those same men also had higher levels of binding globulin levels, which negated their overall testosterone gains and resulted in no statistically significant difference in FREE test levels.

      That's the key. Free testosterone is the hormone that makes men stronger.

      Vegan and vegetarian diets do result in significant deficiencies in certain nutrients, particularly Vitamin B-12 and a few other critical building-blocks for healthy bodies and minds. This also has been known for quite some time. And this always comes down to the fact that both types of diets are caused by messing with the food sources that the body runs on the best: meat and fat.

      Humans are omnivores by nature, which is why we have teeth for tearing and cutting flesh as well as for grinding all foods. Our bodies are optimised to run on a combination of animal, plant, and fruit sources.

      While I do not know if a link between veganism and a proclivity toward politics designed specifically to kill the soul and character of one's own nation and people, my own anecdotal observations from browsing through the aisles of Whole Paycheque for my weekly basket of meat, fish, nuts, and other manly foods strongly supports the notion.


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