Could have gone better

In case anyone spent yesterday hiding out under a rock and therefore took my post about repealing the Second Amendment seriously - do not be concerned, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming here. Speaking of which, here is an example of what happens these days when a young man "comes out" as a conservative to his liberaltard family:

I know it's all in jest and everything, but that sort of hyper-violent reaction is not actually unusual. I have seen it happen to me, personally, when my friends realise that I am a Trump and Brexit supporter and have a distinct antipathy toward genuinely stupid and dangerous ideas - like, say, the European Union.

It should be noted that I got a rather shocked reaction out of both my sister (liberal arts major - go figure) and my aunt when I stated openly my support for the God-Emperor and his America First policies. Both instances were really quite funny.

The fact is that politics reflect values, which means that if you have a sharp disagreement with someone due to politics, chances are fairly high that you will also have disagreements on a more personal level. This is not always the case, of course - there are plenty of instances of liberals and conservatives getting along more or less without problems as long as they do not discuss politics.

But in general, the more violent the reaction is when someone finds out that you are of the Right, the more likely it is that you and that person are going to have some serious personal issues that will prevent you from getting along very well.

The reality is that America and the wider Western world is getting more polarised, between two mutually exclusive points of view.

The liberaltard, globalist point of view argues that the world can and should become an indistinguishable melange of blended races and skin colours, ruled over by a benevolent elite to whom the rules of the proletariat do not apply.

The nationalist point of view argues that different races naturally seek to stick to their own kind and that forced integration ultimately results in war. That point of view supports the existence of nation-states, of individual freedoms and sovereignty, and of the clear social, biological, and economic implications of differences in race and IQ.

Put more simply - one point of view is rooted in fantasy, the other in reality.

Now, it is possible to make the fantasy work, for a little while at least, as long as it is seductive enough. But sooner or later, reality always bites - and it often bites hard.

And in the end, no matter how hard we humans try (usually very badly) to get around reality, the facts of life are conservative - right down to the level of evolutionary biology, and right down to the level of moral law.

So don't feel too bad if a liberal suddenly completely loses his shit with you because you are of the Right. You are far more likely to be correct about a very wide range of subjects in the long run.


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