Can't argue with that

I have to admit, it is extremely difficult for me to choose which one of these categories I support and agree with the most. A world without any one of those four things is a world that I do not want to live in.

While we are on the subject of things that none of us can do without, here is a random collection of things to brighten up your Monday:

Of Course Not

Note that this is actually a false notion. Straight red-blooded men CANNOT be friends with girls that hot. It simply is not possible. One party in that particular relationship is always going to be lying to the other about his or her status in the "relationship matrix". And that inevitably leads to jealousy, anger, resentment, and all of the other many destructive impulses that come with these things.

If you have a girl who looks like that in your life, and you are reasonably sure that she is worth asking out - just do it. Better to be rejected outright than to find yourself in the horrors of the Friend Zone.

Commies Do Know How to Party

Apparently there are parts of London that still think that the Cold War is a thing, and as such, held a beauty pageant the other day for women from the nations of the former USSR called "Miss USSR UK".

I don't get the point of it either, but since it's packed full of hot Slavic girls, who the hell cares?

Zhibek Kholdas, 23, represents Kazakhstan at the Miss USSR UK competition in London

The 10 finalists done dark sunglasses as they strike a pose in their racy cut-out swimsuits 

Miss USSR UK 2017 Anastasia Boil posed in a feminine ballgown as she arrived at the event

You're welcome.


This video right here makes me seriously question the sense and sensibility of the pilots of the US Air Force:

Okay, Starbuck's coffee? Seriously?

Look, Maverick and Iceman, what y'all drink is up to you and all that, but WHY, in the name of all that is holy, would you want to drink overpriced coffee that tastes a lot like it was filtered through damp moss before it made its way into your cup?!?

A Little Kobra Goes a Long Way

New KOBRA AND THE LOTUS album, Prevail II, released on Friday. Enough said:

There are not very many chick-fronted bands that I actually like - NIGHTWISH, DELAIN, and maybe two or three others. This is one of them. Brittany "Kobra" Paige may be short and tattooed, but she does have a great voice. And if you compare what she sounds like today compared with her voice from early on in her career, she clearly shows great diversity and range of both songwriting and singing.

Considerably Better Than The Force Awakens

I stopped watching Robot Chicken a long time ago, but some of their stuff is still pretty funny:

The Defence Rests


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