Brodacity always wins

Our boy Dom tries to figure out what kind of lifter crushes the most ass in his own inimitable style; naturally, hilarity ensues:

Oh, I suppose I should have mentioned that it's kind of a bit NSFW due to the audio. Whoops.

Yet again, we powerlifters take an absolute beating from Dom. I know that I should be pissed off at him for making fun of those of us who lift stupid amounts of weight in the gym for... well, absolutely no obvious reason with literally zero concern whatsoever for aesthetics and muscle definition - but the fact is, he is actually quite right.

The bastard.

Dom also has some distinct ideas about what kinds of girls are attracted to gym bros - and, not very surprisingly, the cons of dating such girls tend to outweigh the cons:

But the pros... DAT ASS DOE.

Oh, and in case you are wondering exactly what a gym f*ckboi is - here is the definitive guide:


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