Batmetal Forever

First, there was BATMETAL. My readers - all 3 of them at the time - and I promptly plotzed.

Then, BATMETAL returned, and it seemed as if the gods themselves had decreed the perfect alignment of heavy metal (supplied by DETHKLOK, natch) and bonkers animation.

And now, the same lunatics geniuses behind the first two videos have come up with an all-new heaping helping of complete and total batshit insanity:

That is certainly the best one yet. The animation has improved by several orders of magnitude, the music is amazing (but then, DETHKLOK's debut album was astonishing to begin with - still hasn't been topped by pretty much any death metal band since, fake or real), and the whole thing is helped along considerably by the very useful strategic inclusion of Batgirl's... er... um... assets.

I'm just sayin' - T&A makes everything better. You know it, and so do I.

In case you want to go back in time a little bit and relive the glory days of BATMETAL and the resulting CHILDREN OF BATMAN band, here you go:



One can only assume that the next step will be to produce a clip called BATMETAL BEGINS, set - and this is just a guess - to the strains of DETHKLOK's epic Doomstar Requiem album. That, by the way, is an incredible album. The first time I heard it, I thought it was completely stupid and refused to listen past the first song - but then I eventually gave it a fair go, and it has since turned into one of my absolute favourite albums, of any genre and any time period.

If you like metal - and since you are here, you probably do, at some level - go check it out.


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