That train wreck over there

Stories like this one serve to reinforce the eternal truth that the only thing worse than an aging harlot, is an aging harlot who wants to tell everyone how many pricks she has taken:

During her interview, Pamela revealed that she had kept in contact with Vladimir Putin since she successfully ­lobbied him to ban the hunting of seals in 2009.

Recalling that she had been asked to his 2012 inauguration as his guest, she teased: 'I did not do that, but there has been some... obviously we have been in the same place together ­sometimes', concluding: 'I have a great relationship with Russia. Yes.'

Pamela also teased at her rumoured romance with Julian Assange, by avoiding Piers' questions yet stating that they are 'mostly' good friends. 

The mother-of-two previously said of their bond 'I wouldn't say it's romantic, but we are very close.'

She was introduced to the Wikileaks founder through fashion designer Vivienne Westwood previously during a visit to the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he resides.

The Canadian-born beauty posed for the cover of Playboy several times and, as a result, had a close relationship with the magazine's late founder Hugh Hefner - which led to a number of wild experiences at his Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

She recalled during the interview that one night, made a trip to the infamous party palace to watch the polyamorous mogul have sex with seven naked beauties - but soon learned that they'd expected to observe her romping with Hugh.

Oh hell, I think I'm going to be sick.

Nobody - but nobody - wants to know what a 50-year-old former trollop, with three failed marriages, a widely distributed sex tape, and a long history of getting smoked and poked by (in)famous men, did in her younger years. This is the sort of thing that makes one long for the days when used-up women were more or less forced to go into nunneries to atone for their past mistakes.

(And by the way, I have my doubts that old ВВП actually had anything much to do with Ms. Anderson beyond a peck on the cheek. His alleged mistress at approximately the time of meeting her was, and possibly still is, a retired Russian rhythmic gymnast named Alina Kabaeva, who at the age of 34 is considerably younger than Ms. Anderson and who looks like, well, this. Let's just say that Ms. Anderson doesn't really pose much by way of competition.)

That, however, is not quite the most important point of this story. The actual point has more to do with illustrating, yet again, the vast difference between the way that men and women age.

It is just about an axiomatic truth within the Manosphere that "men age like fine wine, while women age like milk". This has been expressed in a number of different ways; the most effective so far is Rollo's famous SMV graph:

This is an excellent illustration of the concept, but it is a little abstract. The picture up top is a more concrete way of outlining the same concept.

A far more concrete way of presenting the exact same idea is the picture at the beginning of this post.

The young Chad on the extreme left is Jason Momoa, back when he was about 19 years old. The picture right next to it is of the same guy, roughly 15 years later in his mid-thirties.

Clearly, he has aged really rather well. You may know him as Khal Drogo from that HBO series about sex, dragons, and incest that your girlfriend cannot stop watching - he was cast as one of the most badass Alphas out of the bunch on a show that was, in its early seasons, at least, full of Alphas.

Then there is Ms. Anderson from back during her Baywatch salad days. At that time, she was truly pin-up material, no question about it. After all, she looked like this:

Nowadays, though:

One to watch: Piers Morgan¿s Life Stories: Pamela Anderson airs Saturday at 9.50pm on ITV


Every woman has a sell-by date. There is no getting away from this fact, and for most women, it is around the age of 35. Beyond that point, if she is not married and settled she is pretty much done. Her most important and valuable attributes are in a state of terminal decline and she herself is in for a pretty rough life in her later years.

There are - as always - exceptions to this rule, but they are just that, exceptions. And like most exceptions, they end up proving the rule.

Ms. Anderson's case, sadly, is not exceptional. Yes, she is dating and sleeping with a man 18 years her junior - who happens to be an athlete, and apparently one of some note, too. Let's see how long that lasts before Mr. Rami is tempted by much younger, hotter, tighter women who would gladly throw themselves at him because of his status as a millionaire footballer.

The lessons for both sexes remain the same.

Women: time is not on your side. Your youth, beauty, and fertility are your three greatest assets. You do not have very much time to use them - at most you have about 15 years in your primary fertility window, about 6 in your secondary one, and barely 5 in your third and last one. Do not waste these years, and do not waste your time getting pumped-and-dumped throughout your twenties "just because" sex comes without immediate consequences anymore.

Men: time is on your side. Take care of your health, wealth, status, and power. If, after spending most of your twenties building up your resources and stabilising your life, getting your emotions under control, making yourself stronger and tougher and fitter, and traveling the world, you still wish to have children and become monogamous with a woman - a course of action, by the way, which I do actually recommend, since I have seen how it can make strong men happy and fulfilled - then find a good woman who is in her early-to-mid twenties at most, and give her a shot at becoming your woman.

Understand that the advent of widely available and cheap contraception in the 1960s completely upended the dynamics of the sexual market place by making sex - which in its natural state is cheap for men and very expensive for women - much more accessible for women, without negative consequences. In previous generations, those negative consequences included unplanned pregnancies and extreme social ostracisation. These were highly effective restraints against female hypergamy.

Today, unfortunately, those restraints are long gone and women like Pamela Anderson are lauded as examples of "empowered" and "strong" women who live by their own rules and desires. The problem is that we still cannot change the most basic facts of biology; a woman will still run into the Wall no matter how attractive she was in her teens and twenties, and as a general rule, the more cocks that she rode during her prime years, the harder that she will hit that Wall in her thirties.

It will be quite some time yet before the SMP reverts back to something approaching normal - this blazing smoking dumpster fire that we call the "dating scene" in the Western world (and in large parts of Eastern Europe too, by the way) is not sustainable, but it appears to have quite a bit of junk and debris to burn yet.

Until that time - Men of the West need to stay strong and focused, and must concentrate on moving forward, always. Women should concentrate on securing for themselves the best men that they can - in all areas, not just in the boudoir.


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