Some tips for the ladies

We in the Manosphere get a lot of stick for constantly bagging on women. We are called all sorts of horrible names by the useful idiots of the Left as a result. Now, normally, I could not care less what a bunch of leftist numpties have to say about us and what we think. But, since we are men, and since as men it is incumbent upon us to do more than just bitch about things, I figure it might be worth a few minutes of my time to mansplain a few important concepts to the womenfolk.

Ladies - go ahead and descend into fits of spontaneous rage-vomiting. I'll be sitting back on my couch with a nice cold beer and a self-satisfied smirk.

So. In the name of helping our women improve themselves, here is Tip The First:

1. Be Approachable

The woman who is not pursued sets up the doctrine that pursuit is offensive to her sex, and wants to make it a felony. No genuinely attractive woman has any such desire. She likes masculine admiration, however violently expressed, and is quite able to take care of herself. More, she is well aware that very few men are bold enough to offer it without a plain invitation, and this awareness makes her extremely cynical of all women who complain of being harassed, beset, storied, and seduced. All the more intelligent women that I know, indeed, are unanimously of the opinion that no girl in her right senses has ever been actually seduced since the world began.
-- H. L. Mencken, In Defence of Women, 1918

It is hard to believe that I actually have to write this, since it seems so utterly and blindingly obvious. But apparently, women these days are constantly bitching about how there are no good men left anymore.

This is not new, by the way. Women have been repeating this complaint in one form or another since pretty much the beginning of the women's lib movement. It appears that - quelle surprise - if we give women all of the freedoms that they say they so desperately want and demand, they do not quite know what to do with them and end up squandering them entirely.

What women do not seem to realise - at least, the women of my age and younger - is that they, themselves, are largely the problem.

Here is a succinct and simple explanation as to the nature of the problem:

And there you have it.

My dear ladies: the good men do not go anywhere near you because you do not permit it.

This bears some basic explanation. There are indeed men out there who will approach anything with a vagina walking on two legs - hell, there are guys out there who will approach anything that looks even remotely female and humanoid and try to chat it up.

But the vast majority of men cannot and will not do this, because cold-approaching is an extremely unnatural and uncomfortable thing for men to do. It is not something that we are taught, unless we are extremely fortunate as children - and most of us never were.

Ladies - if you want a good man, make it easy for good men to approach you. Here are a few easy steps to accomplishing this.

First - stay out of bars, clubs, and other trashy venues. These are not places where men go to find good women; they are places where we go to find women of easy virtue who will have sex with us for the price of a drink or three.

Second - in public places, put away your damn phone. We are not interested in competing with your phone screen for attention.

Third - make eye contact and smile. The simplest and fastest way to get a man's primitive lizard brain to jump straight up and yammer, "IT'S THE RIGHT MOMENT TO APPROACH!!!" is to smile at a man that you you find even moderately interesting and attractive.

This does not guarantee that he will actually do it, of course. Fifty years of feminist lunacy have left men neutered and adrift, unable to reconcile what our balls and brains are telling us to do with what a society gone insane is telling us is acceptable.

Almost no woman under the age of 35 or so has any idea what it is like to have to pursue men for attention, unless she is unlucky enough to fall hard for a cad who does not return her affections. (I personally admire such men, up to a point, as do most of my compatriots.) Most young and beautiful women have only ever been in the position of the pursued, not the pursuer. As such, they simply have no clue how hard it is for men to pluck up the courage to approach them in public. It is only once women hit the dreaded Wall that they actually have to make an effort to go out and meet men - and even then, they have it far easier than we do. This is just the way it is.

(If you really want to know what it is like when the roles are reversed - check this out. Fair warning: you are in for a rude shock.)

Fourth - frequent places where you are likely to come across decent guys. These include, but are not limited to: coffee shops; real churches that preach the Gospel of Christ, not the Gospel of Nice; private wine tastings; book signings; and, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, gun ranges and martial arts schools. Don't bother with the gym; most men are there to pound weights, not ass.

And fifth, and most importantly - put some effort into looking good. You might have a nice smile and pretty eyes, but if you look like the wrong end of a dog with lots of piercings, unsightly tattoos, bleach-raped hair, and more than 10 extra pounds on your frame, we are not going to be interested.

This leads us onto Tip The Second:

2. Have Something To Offer

As our older colleague Relampago Furioso pointed out really quite well very recently, if you really think about it, you will quickly realise that the vast majority of women have exactly ONE thing to offer men: sex.

And that's it.

Any man who is honest with himself will realise that the vast majority of women that he has ever met fall straight into this category. Very, very few women, especially these days, and especially in the Western world, have anything to offer beyond two or three moist warm holes for sex.

(Yes, that is crass and lewd. It is also true.)

Ladies - in spite of what your feminist professors told you in university, in spite of what your university-indoctrinated teachers told you in school, and in spite of what your right-on liberal/progressive parents (and, quite likely, feminist single mother) told you, we men most care about three things.

We care about how young you are - from our perspective, the optimal age for a girlfriend and especially a wife is somewhere between 18-28.

We care about how pretty you are - and this is tied to your youth. All else being equal, a younger woman is always hotter than her older self. And you can do things to enhance your beauty by NOT CUTTING YOUR DAMN HAIR, by exercising well, by eating right, and by having a bit of self-restraint.

And we care about how fertile you are - which, again, is tied in to your youth and beauty. Younger women are always more fertile than older ones. This is simple biological fact. A woman's natural beauty is directly correlated with her fertility.

We do not care about your career - indeed, as a general rule, women have jobs, not careers. Men have careers because we like to take risks and we like to be aggressive in pursuing rewards. It is in our genes. In general, women prefer safer, more comfortable, less strenuous, and more socially focused jobs than men do. They like to get in around 9, leave around 5, and spend an astonishing amount of time gossiping about what we men consider to be completely inane shit - but to you women, the act of talking is more important than the information actually conveyed.

We do not care about your education. In fact, from our perspective, the more educated a woman is, the less appealing she is as a life partner. Your PhD in feminist literature is not of interest to us. How you make us feel when we are around you, is.

We do care about how nurturing, feminine, warm, and companionable you are.

Ladies, ask yourselves this: how high is your pussy-to-bullshit ratio?

If all you have to offer is pussy and bullshit, and if we as men remove the power of the almighty V from the equation, then your worth is expressed entirely in terms of bullshit.

And we do not have time for bullshit. It is heavy, it is smelly, and it is extremely annoying to us.

So find ways to compensate by becoming a better woman.

"But Didact!", I hear you wail. "How am I supposed to go about becoming a better woman?!? Nobody taught me this when I was growing up, and now I have to learn it all for myself!!!"

I am most pleased that you asked, my dear. Let me mansplain Tip The Third to you:

3. Become The Women That We Will Die For

At this point I must part ways with some of the more militant MGTOW types and point out that it is, in fact, possible for men and women to enjoy happy and fulfilling relationships that go beyond mere sex.

As a certain Inquisitor Magus once put it in a comment on this very blog, "Life with a bad woman is surely Hell. But life without a good woman is not very much better." And the fact is that some women out there do, in fact, have what it takes to be good girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

These are the women that single ladies today should look to as role models.

It is easy for us as men to take the "black pill" and simply give up. It is deeply tempting to do so; a man can only take so many disappointments before he swears off women completely and walks away from them. One recent example of such a disappointment comes to mind - it involves a friend of an acquaintance who apparently now has two boyfriends and had sex with one of them only after he bought her an Apple watch, and evidently will "choose" which one she really wants to be with based on how expensive each one's gifts to her are.

(Not coincidentally, the young lady in question is Eastern European. Make of that what you will, but for future reference - the word for "whore" in Russian is курва.)

This, from a girl that I was told was open and honest in her relationships with men, and who supposedly was a cut above the extreme shit-testing and calculated gold-digging that you often find in the FSU nations.

Ladies - it may seem like a tall order to be a good woman these days, but really, it isn't. The kind of woman that I refer to above is your competition. You just have to exercise a bit of judgement, a bit of self-control, and keep your legs closed long enough to make a sensible decision.

Unfortunately, most of you Western women raised on feminist propaganda all of your lives will fail this test.

The few of you that pass it have the opportunity to become the kind of women that men will fight for, will protect, will work hard to support, and will want to have children with.

Those kinds of women used to enjoy a place of honour and exalted respect in strong, masculine, Christian societies. Sadly we live in a society that is none of these things. But you have the opportunity to help turn the tide.

It is not actually that hard to be a good woman. Eat right. Work out a bit and walk a lot to keep yourself svelte and beautiful. Grow your hair out. Don't get tattoos. Learn how to cook - and get really good at it. Read a good book once in a while instead of wasting time watching reality TV bullshit on the idiot box. Clean up your dwelling place once in a while - better yet, if you latch on to a good guy, clean his apartment and do his laundry. Trust me on this - he will nearly die from shock and then will look at you very differently.


After much (rather enjoyable) shitlordery and mansplaining, I leave you ladies with one simple point to consider:

Who are the happiest women that you have ever met?

Are they the club skanks who stumble out of bars and discos at 2am in short skirts with heels askew, drunk off their tits, taking an Uber home or heading out to some random guy's apartment for a quick and emotionless bang?

Are they the career-obsessed women in their mid-thirties with a long string of broken relationships behind them, the best of their looks fading in the rearview mirror, and nothing much to show for the long hours and hard nights beyond a fancy apartment full of stuff but no real memories of much worth?

Are they the cock-carousel riders who spent their twenties partying their way around the world, banging every guy that they fancied in every country that they visited, only to suddenly wake up around their early thirties and realise that their time to secure their prey a good husband to entrap, dupe, and suck dry with their fangs take care of them, is just about gone?

Or are they the women who, in their mid-to-late twenties (preferably earlier) got married, dropped out of the workforce, had a couple of kids, and created happy and comfortable homes?

I personally know two women who did exactly that. They remain two of my closest friends and women whom I admire greatly. They are also two of the happiest women that I have ever met.

It really isn't much of a contest.

Ladies - the world that you grew up in lied to you all of your lives. Men like me are here to tell you the truth. You can ignore it, and go back to sleep. Or maybe, just maybe, one or two of you might sit up, pay attention, and listen.

It's up to you.


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