So where is the happiness?

Remember that charmingly acerbic young Teutonic lady with the cute accent (and a really silly handle - though that is probably a good example of kettleitis) who dumped a whole lot of wasabi straight into people's shorts last year, when she pointed out that - brace yourselves - racial differences are real and persistent and do quite a lot to explain different outcomes between different racial groups and nations?

Well, some enterprising chap found, backed up, and re-uploaded her entire archive of videos onto GayTube - and one of her better ones concerns the craziness of polyamory:

All you have to do is look at the faces of some of the people involved in that video to realise that polyamory really doesn't make any damn sense.

On the surface, the idea sounds brilliant - if you're a man, anyway, maybe not so much to women unless they have really high sex drives. The male urge to procreate with as many women as possible is a deeply rooted biological imperative, and is derived from the immutable iron law of biology that sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive.

The problem is that making a polyamorous "group" work is very nearly impossible.

Oh, some men manage something like it, to be sure - Blackdragon (Caleb Jones) has built an entire lifestyle out of it that he calls the "Alpha 2.0" approach to things. His basic premise is that, even though he believes in and really likes the idea of being in a committed long-term relationship with a woman, preferably for the rest of his life, he accepts that absolute monogamy between men and women does not work in the long run and that, in order to maximise the happiness and effectiveness of both partners, some discreet sleeping around should be permitted.

This is the concept of an "open relationship", and Blackdragon and other men like him manage to make that work - but only by forcing incredibly strict discipline upon themselves to ensure that they do not develop feelings for any of the "side women" that they sleep with.

And therein lies the core of the problem with the entire poly concept: someone always gets jealous.

Human relationships are complicated and difficult to begin with, and the moment that the extremely powerful bonding forces of sex and love are introduced, they become exponentially more challenging to navigate.

Now, to be clear, I do not for one moment deny that there are men who can make harems work. There certainly are. But - and this is key - they make them work by ensuring that the various women in their lives are all separate and by maintaining distinct hierarchies between all of their women, as Hugh Hefner did with all of his various Playboy bunnies and as Blackdragon does with the women in his life.

There are also cultures that make the concept of multiple live-in wives work; in traditional Islamic societies, a man is allowed up to four wives according to the rules of that perverse "religion", and having multiple wives is common enough in Africa.

However, this is a fundamentally different concept. Polygamy, as bonkers as it is to those of us educated and brought up in Western nations that believe in the Christian tradition of monogamous marriage, is not the same thing as polyamory. Polygamy - more precisely, polygyny - results in one man with many wives, and sort of makes sense by historical standards; throughout human history it has usually been the case that the top 20% of men generally have the lion's share of the women. The female equivalent, polyandry - one wife with many husbands - is extremely unusual relative to polygyny.

But polyamory, where men and women all have multiple partners in the same "pod", has historically been looked upon as a very weird and deviant practice. And with very good reason: more often than not it leads to relationships that are more f***ed up than a football bat.

Neil Strauss - once known as one of the top pickup artists in the world - discovered precisely this when he tried to make a "live-in harem" work. Spoiler alert: it didn't.

He gave up a monogamous relationship with a truly beautiful woman who was plainly head-over-heels in love with him because of his own deep insecurities (which he documents with unflinching honesty in his book). He decided to embark on a polyamorous experiment with three gorgeous women in one apartment. He found that jealousy, drama, and plenty of batshit insanity resulted in an awfully big hurry, no matter how strong his frame was and no matter how much he did to try to make things work.

As appealing as polyamory seems from a man's perspective, there is a hidden price to pay for it. The relationship type that still makes the most sense appears to be the same today as it was ten thousand years ago: pair-bonding between a man and a woman with that commitment enforced through societal standards that require the man to take responsibility for his offspring, and the woman to remain chaste and careful in her interactions with other men.

These days, of course, those societal standards no longer exist, at least in the Western world. The catastrophe that is the modern West is the result. And it is breeding an ever greater number of characters like the ones that you see in the video above: low-T men who cannot keep a good handle on their women, who in turn become quite unattractive themselves.

(We can rule out the faggots given their extremely degenerate sexual practices, obviously.)

Neither outcome is good for men, for women, and most especially for their children. Growing up is confusing and difficult enough without having to figure out who to call "Mum" or "Dad" in the correct order and at the right time, after all.

This madness will go the way of all such insanity, sooner or later. For now, unfortunately, we are being told that this nonsense is "normal" and "right". All we can do is refuse to give in and fight back.


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