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This story about the travails faced by a billionaire father of supermodels serves as a rather stark warning to all of us about the importance of saving EVERY digital interaction with a woman:

Billionaire Mohamed Hadid is fighting back in court against a model who accused him of 'date rape' - branding her a 'pathological liar' who plotted to extort him, according to legal papers obtained by

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Hadid, father of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, claims 23-year-old Miranda 'Vee' Vasquez helped extort him out of a large sum of money following a consensual 40-minute hook up with the model.

According to the court documents Hadid says he has proof Vasquez is lying about being raped, including sexually charged text messages saying he had a 'juicy' penis (depicted with an eggplant emoji) sent to him after the encounter.

'I miss your soft lips & juicy (followed by an eggplant emoji and two lip-licking emojis),' read the text to Hadid, who has been engaged to 36-year-old Shiva Safai since 2014.

In other texts after the meet up Vasquez said Hadid was 'sweet' and 'nice' and she also flooded the property developer's phone with sexy photos of herself, including shots of her exposing her lingerie and wearing a bikini.

Hadid, protesting his innocence, also claims in the paperwork that he's a victim of libel, slander, and defamation by Vasquez.

He claims that during his 2017 hook-up with Vasquez there was no 'sexual intercourse'.

The 69-year-old property tycoon charges that Vasquez was paid $8,000 for her part in a plot with two mystery men to extort him into paying out a large sum of money 'demanded' by Vasquez who threatened to go to the police with her date rape claim if he didn't pay up.

Hadid paid up, he admits in the legal papers - but it didn't stop Vasquez from going public anyway, using Instagram last month to post her accusation against him and another against Guess boss and fashion designer Paul Marciano whom she said 'sexually harassed' her.

Welcome to the results of the PoundMeToo movement, where any Instagram thot can accuse any man of being a rapist and a sexual predator and get away with it.

(Hey! Here is said thot's IG page!)

Lest you think that I am being overly critical of Ms. Vasquez, take a look at some of the texts that she sent the nearly-septuagenarian Mr. Hadid:

In other texts, Vasquez flooded Hadid's phone with photos of her wearing lingerie and a bikini 

And then, of course, there is the set of texts where she basically told her paramour that she missed his... er... Johnson:

According to the court documents Hadid says he has proof Vasquez is lying about being raped, including text messages where she called him 'very sweeet' and showed him where she left his keys in his apartmentIn other sexually charged text messages sent after the encounter, she said Hadid had a 'juicy' penis (depicted with an eggplant emoji)

Based on that evidence, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Ms. Vasquez is lying her (very shapely) arse off. She was not raped, she was not assaulted, she was a willing and enthusiastic participant in consensual sexual relations with a very rich man who undoubtedly treated her very well for her time.

In a more sensible time, we would call Ms. Vasquez what she is: a whore.

She is unquestionably an attention whore who sells her body to men for material rewards. She can get away with it for now, because she is young and beautiful - but now that she has exposed herself to the world to see, and now that Mr. Hadid has very sensibly fired back and shown her to be the liar that she is, only the thirstiest of Beta males will go anywhere near her ring finger later in her life.

Sadly, we all know that she is very likely to find precisely such a man to wife her up the moment that she decides to stop riding the carousel.

And of course, in the current day and age, she can level a false rape accusation against a man and be taken completely seriously.

Let this be a very clear lesson to all young men trying to navigate through the minefield that is the modern sexual market place in the West: no matter how rich and powerful you are, no matter how many or few women you have slept with, any one of them can accuse you of rape and be taken completely seriously in the court of public opinion.

Your only recourse is to save every single interaction with any woman, for any reason, on your phone - and back up the files on a flash drive that can be maintained offline somewhere.

If you do not follow this simple step - and if you insist on having sex with, say, British women - then you may well find yourself on the wrong end of a sexual harassment or false rape accusation. The likely results will be the loss of your job, your career, your reputation, and your place in polite society.

If you are a card-carrying member of the Manosphere (like me), you may even find yourself doxxed and outed, and therefore likely unemployable for months or even years afterwards.

All for the price of some crazy strange.

Obviously, I am not telling young men not to have sex - that would be stupid. I am telling you to be judicious and discriminating in your tastes. Chances are, if you are dating a woman whose sole source of value is her looks (which is to say, about 90% of young attractive women today), and if your game is weak, then your chances of getting hit with a false rape accusation after a bad date will go up considerably.

Be careful, be safe, and ensure that you keep your wits about you at all times - think with your big head, not your little one.

If all else fails, you could always resort to the tried-and-tested Coitus Consent Form...


  1. You'd think billionaires would have enough sense to have these chicks whacked at the first sign of trouble, Clinton style.


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