Peace through superior firepower

The God-Emperor proves, yet again, that one does not trifle with him:

During a statement at the White House on Thursday, South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong stated that Kim Jong-un “expressed his eagerness” to meet with President Trump and Trump stated he would meet with North Korea’s leader by May.

Chung said, “Kim pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. He understands that the routine joint military exercises between the Republic of Korea and the United States must continue. And he expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible. President Trump appreciated the briefing, and said he would meet Kim Jong-un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization.”

He added that South Korea, the US, and their partners will keep pressure on North Korea until it matches its words with actions.

President Trump understands something rather important about the mindset of tyrannical dictators everywhere that his supposedly much wiser, better educated, and more genteel predecessors - starting with George H. W. Bush and going all the way through to Odumbass and the Hilldebeast - did not.

Namely: tyrannical despots respect precisely two things - superior strength, and the proven will to use it.

It is true that the God-Emperor's actions over the past twelve months with respect to North Korea looked a lot like "brinkmanship", to use a term favoured by the Cold Warriors. His rhetoric and actions looked dangerous, unbalanced, and foolish to most of his establishment critics.

There are two major flaws with this criticism.

The first is the fact that every single attempt by the supposed moral "betters" of that very globalist elite over the last thirty years had failed, completely and totally, to accomplish anything meaningful with respect to North Korea.

The South Koreans themselves tried their own form of "appeasement" with their "sunshine policy", which basically amounted to letting the Commie bastards up north get away with just about anything, all for the sake of peace and stability.

Anyone who has ever seen what happens when a tethered goat lets a hungry tiger "get away with just about anything", knows that this is a galactically stupid way of dealing with dangerous predators.

The second is the fact that the God-Emperor's approach has actually been tried before - and against a much more dangerous enemy.

The greatest President of the 20th Century fought a war, in both word and deed, against the Evil Empire that was the Soviet Union. He turned that war into his own personal crusade, to destroy once and for all the scourge of Communism. He succeeded, at least as far as Russia and the enslaved satellite states were concerned. He turned the tide of a war that, up until about the early 1980s, his country had been losing - but not because of any deficiency in technology, military might, logistics, or operational ability.

President Reagan won because, unlike every one of his predecessors since Eisenhower, he was willing to "say to our enemies: there IS a a price we will not pay, there IS a point beyond which they must not advance".

His opponents and critics in Congress and in the globalist establishment at the time called him deranged. They called him dangerous and foolish and stupid. They called him a warmonger. They foamed at the mouth and ranted and raved about how President Reagan was bringing the world ever closer to total nuclear annihilation.

What actually happened was that his economic, political, technological, and military provocations against the Soviet Union forced their already weak and straitened economy to buckle, and then collapse.

President Reagan won his war because he refused to back down - and because he knew that America was strong, far stronger than her enemy, both militarily and economically. He used America's overwhelming economic strength as a weapon of war, imposing trade sanctions and punishing bad behaviour on the part of the Soviets.

The Soviets, bankrupted by decades of overspending and economic mismanagement, were forced to come to the negotiating table because they simply had no way to fight an America that was re-arming itself and was investing heavily in seizing superiority on the ground, over the seas, in the air, and - with the advent of "Star Wars" - across space.

It was the Gipper's legendary, time-tested philosophy of "peace through strength" that won the day. It is his spiritual and ideological descendant, the God-Emperor, that has taken up the Mantle of Responsibility and used it, to devastating effect, against the West's most belligerent enemy.

And now, even President Trump's harshest critics have been forced to eat crow.

Make no mistake, though: the God-Emperor is not the Gipper. He does not possess President Reagan's great sense of self-control, his gentle good humour, or his tremendous moral and spiritual backbone. The current President is a deeply flawed man who nonetheless instinctively understands the Laws of Power, and lives by them.

President Trump could very easily screw it all up and fall for the lies that the North Koreans will tell him. As always, with the God-Emperor and with everyone else, trust, but verify.

Nonetheless, the last twelve months have shown clearly and repeatedly that it is a gigantic mistake to underestimate President Trump's tenacity, belligerence, and will to fight. His enemies, and more than a few of his allies, have made this mistake several times now.

It is well past time that those of us who count ourselves as his supporters, learn from making these mistakes, and impart to him at least some measure of trust that he will do what is needed to defend Western civilisation, and buy us some desperately needed breathing room for the Men of the West to do what we must to save the civilisation that we love.


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