Friday T&A: Redshift Rider Edition

Well, the (working) week that Thou gavest us, Lord, is ended - and I have to say that, for me at least, it was a spectacularly unproductive one. At least, it was at work. The other stuff that I do during the week - you know, lifting heavy shit, beating the ever-lovin' crap out of my brothers on the mat, attending heavy metal concerts, and reading and writing really interesting things - carries on just as well as ever. Better, in some cases.

That being said - tomorrow is, of course, St. Patrick's Day, which the Oirish among you celebrate for reasons both religious and... um... secular. In fact, while we're on the subject - if you are a girl, especially a cute one, and you go into a bar tomorrow wearing a green shirt that says, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish", and you actually get smooched by a guy that you do not particularly like:

It's your own damn fault, so don't bother trying to level a "sexual harassment" complaint, or any other such nonsense. Put on your big-girl panties and own up the fact that you were being a drunken slore.

However, when it comes to observing St. Patrick's Day, yer 'umble servant does in fact have to cop a bit of stick.

You see, last year, as commenter Tagon faithfully pointed out, I committed the egregiously stupid mistake of not posting a single picture of a red-headed girl. On the ACTUAL DAY of the Feast of St. Patrick. Patron Saint of Ireland and of Irish beer.

Mea culpa, Deus, mea exegi culpa.

Needless to say, I do not intend to commit the same mistake two years in a row. So here, for your Friday entertainment, is an Instagram thot by the name of Sabrina Lynn. (How'd ya like them apples, LastRedoubt?!?)

Happy Friday, boys. Time to go do the usual: lift heavy shit, drink beer, and eat red meat. As I may have said, many times before, it is in fact very good to be a shitlord.

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A post shared by Sabrina Lynn (@sabrinalynnci) on

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  1. Well,it is nice to be remembered. She does make a nice Jessica rabbit.


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