To hell with STAR WARS

There was a time when I would never, ever have even thought of writing a post with that title. It was not even all that long ago, either- maybe about 5-7 years ago.

Since then, however, the wanton abuses and mistreatment of the canon that we have had to endure at the hands of LucasArts, Del Rey and Tor Books, and now Disney, have gone well past the point of tolerance.

I hated the first of the "sequel" films. It was a heaping helping of social-justice shit-sandwich garnished with a high-octane, visually beautiful remix of the original STAR WARS- but had no redeeming artistic, thematic, or stylistic features whatsoever beyond the fact that it made a lot of wink-and-nod references to its progenitor.

I was so thoroughly turned off, in fact, that I simply flat-out refused to watch STAR WARS: Rogue One- even though it is now freely available for me to view on Netflix. I just do not want to waste my time watching any more grrrrrl-power nonsense- though, to be resolutely fair, even shitlords are willing to admit that, while it was still a shitpile, it wasn't quite as stinky of a shitpile as we had originally expected.

The latest film in the increasingly sick, lame, and dying franchise came out at some point late last year, and as far as I am concerned, we might as well just shoot the franchise in the head and put it out of our misery.

Wondering why I think so? (Not likely if you're a regular reader, but I'm in an indulgent mood.) Here is a 40-minute explanation, in considerable detail, about just how bad this latest STAR WARS crapfest really is:

In case you're looking for a funnier, TL;DR- or in this case, TL;DW, I suppose- version, without the looping repetitive graphics, take a look at what our buddy Razorfist had to say:

I am no longer surprised at just how bad the STAR WARS franchise has become. It was all to be expected after Disney- one of the most heavily SJW-converged companies in the world- bought the franchise and decided to churn out one film every single freakin' year for ten years.

At this point, given how bad the franchise has become, we might as well just pretend that the prequels never happened, that the remastered versions were a heavy-handed but somewhat justified attempt to update and modernise some of the greatest films ever made, and that DAMMITALL, HAN SHOT FIRST!!!

I've been done with STAR WARS for several years now. Nothing I have seen recently is likely to change my mind. And I expect that the upcoming Han Solo and Obi-wan Kenobi films will simply continue the trend of bashing white men, ramming pointless and useless diversity cliches down our throats, and creating Death Star-sized plot holes that no amount of later retconning can possibly fix.


  1. I'm probably older than most here (I still remember watching the Vietnam war on the news each night), but I gave up on Star Wars after the first three movies--and hated the remasters. I'd say both of the reviews posted here are quite accurate. Razorfist was much more verbose and, uh, descriptive, but he was also very accurate and quite creative in his critical phraseology.

    As for feminists, they are far less than worthless and utterly destroy everything they touch--including social structure and movie plots.
    Was glad to read about your experience in church the other day. And have been praying for you--that God lead you wherever it is you need to be. Ps 23.
    Take care.


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