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Toward the end of last year, Castalia House released a rather odd-looking book that was apparently a "spiritual prequel" of sorts to something called The Stars Came Back. Now, I had seen Rolf Nelson's name while bumbling about on Amazon looking for various interesting things to read from time to time, but I had never bothered to pick up and read any of his books.

That changed when our beloved Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) advertised through his website and the Castalia House mailing list that this latest book by Mr. Nelson was full of good humour, great action sequences, and some seriously cool ideas that everyone in the Hard Right could get behind.

And so, indeed, it proved to be.

This is not merely a great book - I found it so good that I considered it to be the best fiction book that I read in the entire year of 2017. This is basically an instruction manual for the Hard Right.

This book shows us exactly what is needed to build up a cadre of trained men who understand what a positive force masculinity is when harnessed to the right ends, who have faith in our Lord and Creator, who apply His teachings in their daily lives, and who take care of themselves and their communities.

The book starts out by taking Bishop Thomas Cranberry, a soft, weak, out-of-shape young clergyman who gets mugged by a druggie and, in the process of recovering from his ordeal, experiences something of an epiphany. He founds an order of "warrior-monks", who take vows to serve in a church order of monks militant for a period of three years learning useful, real-world skills, and who create a self-sustaining business for the monastery by producing ammunition. LOTS of ammunition.

The Order of St. Possenti's mission in the book is to go forth, find troubled young men and homeless former military veterans, and give them back a sense of dignity, pride, purpose, and love of God.

This is, quite simply, a truly brilliant idea. This is something that we in the Hard Right must do.

Look around you, my friends. What do you see? If you live in the Western world, you see a fallen and weak civilisation that has turned its back on its own heritage and past triumphs, and which rejects masculinity as dangerous and evil. You see spineless and cowardly men who lack the courage to stand up for themselves and their beliefs. You see churches that preach the false gospel of the Prince of Lies, teaching us to sin and yet think of ourselves as saints. You see a culture that rewards sloth, greed, envy, jealousy, and wrath, and denigrates and abjures hard work, sacrifice, patience, spirituality, and thrift.

You see broken and hopeless men strung out on drugs, sleeping on the streets, incapable of doing anything with their lives.

You see the heartbreaking images of military veterans - the very men who should be given honour and deference for their sacrifices - losing everything that they have and living rough, begging for a scrap of mercy at the feet of the same people for whom they gave everything.

You see sons growing up without strong masculine role models teaching them how to be men - and they in turn grow up to be fat, spineless, effete Betas who bow and scrape and supplicate before their women.

You see those same men shuffling off every day to jobs that they hate, working for soulless corporations that will fire them without a moment's hesitation or pity for even the slightest infraction, perceived or real, against a female co-worker.

You see them listlessly waddling along on treadmills or flailing away at gym equipment, pretending that they are getting fit instead of fat, eating processed foods practically designed to chemically castrate them.


The brilliance of the idea within The Heretics of St. Possenti lies in the fact that it imagines and carefully builds an institution that addresses every single one of the problems with young men today.

It is simply not possible to overstate how important it is for a man to have strong institutions behind him that give him the opportunity to fully express his masculinity.

The Boy Scouts of America used to be one such institution, before it sold its soul completely to the forces of "progress". When I was a young boy, I was part of first a Cub Scout Pack, and then a Boy Scout troop. I was soft and flabby and weak because my parents had never taught me what real exercise was and never gave me any particularly good examples to live up to. But I remember the camping excursions that I went on with my male friends with great fondness and pride.

We were just a bunch of boneheaded kids running around in the woods with knives and axes, cooking our own food and sleeping in tents and crapping in (badly made) latrines. And we had a blast.

Today this is no longer possible. The BSA has been feminised to the point where gay Scoutmasters are not only allowed but encouraged to take boys camping - despite the fact that gays are vastly more likely to molest young boys than straight men. And now that girls are being allowed to pursue the coveted and extremely challenging rank of Eagle Scout... well, it simply isn't the "Boy" Scouts any more.

Another such institution that I have found during my travels is, of course, my martial arts school. There are few more direct and wonderful ways to bond with other men, to establish skill and dominance and hierarchy, and to transform pent-up masculine energy into something positive, than by putting on gloves and pads and beating the ever-living shit out of your brothers.

I have never felt more scared, more exhilarated, and more alive than when I am up against someone with more skill and power than me, who can take me on and beat me to a bloody pulp - but chooses not to, and instead applies just enough force and pain to make it clear to me where I need to improve.

The Way of the Warrior is one that every man should follow at some point in his life, because it makes him strong - and also humbles him.

Martial arts and powerlifting address the physical aspects of positive masculinity - but there is a spiritual aspect as well.

This is where the Church comes in. And this is where, at the moment, the Church is failing. Utterly and totally.

Most churches today teach a highly watered-down version of the Gospels of Christ. They preach tolerance and forgiveness and mercy and peace. That is all to the good. They rather seem to forget, however, that when He needed to, ol' JC was not at all above picking up a whip and driving moneylenders OUT OF THE DAMN TEMPLE.

He was also not above telling His disciples to go out and sell their cloaks and buy swords instead. And while He preached tolerance and acceptance, He most assuredly did not teach that His people should stand passively by and let evil men preach lies.

Again, Rolf Nelson has answers for this problem in the book. There are several chapters packed with philosophical debates about the true meaning and intent of the Gospels, and I believe that if anyone actually bothered to read the Gospels properly, he would realise that the message of Christianity is a profoundly positive and - dare we say - masculine one.

That, after all, is why, on balance, Christianity actually makes quite a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, no institution that I am aware of today combines the spiritual, physical, mental, martial, and economic aspects of Man's existence into one harmonious, syncretic whole. There is no longer a Spartan agoge for us to enter as young boys with the intention of turning us into highly educated, highly capable, physically strong, and mentally tough men.

Imagine an institution that fulfilled that role. Just think of what could be done with today's lost and broken young men if they were given a place to sleep and work, a way to earn their keep, a chance to train in martial arts and undertake hard physical exercise, along with really useful, real-world skills and training.

And just imagine if all of that were topped off with spiritual exercises and philosophical debates designed to make them understand their part in the Creator's plan, and to make them pillars of their community as strong, masculine men dedicated to living by the Word and defending all that they love.

We used to have institutions like these. We still, sort of, do. One of them is known as the United States Armed Forces - but it too has been co-opted and corrupted by the forces of evil. Today, even under the majestic reign of the God-Emperor and Defence Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard are still far too obsessed with "equality" and "diversity" to be effective at taking the fundamentally broken men of today and turning them into warrior-monks.

On top of which, of course, the military is now mixed-service, which was and is one of the downright stupidest decisions ever made in the history of Mankind.

(I used to think that there were only 3 kinds of stupid in the military. There is regularly stupid, like the F-35 Joint Strike Flopter. Then there is really really REALLY stupid, like invading Iraq a second time looking for non-existent WMDs. And then, of course, there is invading-Russia-in-winter stupid. Turns out, I missed the fourth and worst kind: men-and-women-serving-together-in-close-proximity stupid. For more details, see e.g. the works of the Grand Strategikon and Excruciator Majoris of the Evil Legion of Evil.)

If we of the Hard Right could create an institution that combined physical exercise, martial arts, practical real-world skills training, ALL the ammo that you can shoot on a live-fire range, Christian virtue and temperance, and the right to leave after 3 years to build a life within a wider community as a husband and father...

I'd sign on immediately. Knowing what I know now about Christianity, even as a heathen, I would sign up.

And so, too, would hundreds, if not thousands, of today's young men.

That will be how we build our army. All of us in the Hard Right know that war is coming, whether we like it or not. It is already here, in fact; the culture war is getting hotter by the day, and it will not be very much longer before it gets outright physical.

When that day comes, we will need men willing to stand up for their beliefs, their values, and their Lord, and fight.


    It's only 'heresy' to the cult of globalist scum and their SJW useless idiots.

    Yes. Let a thousand such monasteries of Rolf's description bloom in the West.

    Seconded on 'buy this book'!

  2. I read it, it was staggeringly good, to the point where I purchased it for several others.


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