The cure for an all-metal diet

Normally I regard techno, disco, and most forms of house music to be little better than noise. There are, however, some exceptions that I am willing to consider- especially when the videos involve cute girls cutting impressive moves.

One of them involves an ancient (by today's standards, anyway) Eurodance hit from back in the early 90s. Any of you old-timers remember this one?

And here is another one in a similar vein:

As I said before, I consider most house and trance music to be little more than repetitive and useless noise. However, there are some good mixes that I've come across that help me concentrate when I am working or writing. Like this one:

For those inclined toward more epic and varied fare, there is always the classic KITARO composition, "Matsuri", which is even better live than it is on the album:

That being said... there are times when you just need to rip someone's face off. And for that, you need proper industrial metal:


  1. Personally I'm a lot more tolerant of trance and deep house - though have less patience with most other EDM. If more of it was closer to what Oakenfold often mixes (see Global Underground 1 or 7) or Crystal Method or Dirty Vegas, I'd be more on spot with it but the crap they usually play at clubs as, as noted, fucking repetitive, for the most part.

    That said, what I do like about trance, and the taste of a couple "deep house" and deep/prog trance channels on youtube, is that it's a perfect blend to focus on something else to for me. The better stuff is unrepetitive enough not to get annoying or drawing attention for that sake, but doesn't call for attention to the lyrics, etc. Has enough energy to keep me awake and focused, but in not screaming for mental bandwidth acts as a better white noise that allows me to _concentrate_

    So yeah, I like it, but I'm bloody picky about what I like.

    Rhythm is a dancer is one I've enjoyed. Also, Stereo MC's connected. Mortal Kombat soundtrack had an interesting selection of tunes basically being a Wax Trax showcase with even a Traci Lords (yes, that one) tune. Kinda surprised Psychosonik didn't end up on that.

    Aside - while the first Psychosonik album is a better dance album, the second one is almost fucking perfect for either introspective listening or "study/concentrate"

    (check out technojihad, and "welcome to my mind")

  2. I have to approve of any dance that involves looking like you are hovering about half an inch above a sheet of ice.


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