So about that crazy idea...

Some of you - well, two of you - might remember how, exactly a year ago, I spitballed a completely loony idea and took a straw poll to see if anyone might be interested.

What you see below is the Foreword for that very same crazy idea.

Oh yes. A book is being written, even now.

Its working title is Strategic Defence of the Mantle, and if that sounds like a really stupid line then you're right, it is. I just couldn't think of anything better at the time and decided to use a reference to a concept found within my beloved HALOverse. You see, in the HALOverse, the Didact is originally known as a strict and demanding teacher at the College of the Strategic Defence of the Mantle, and after that he...

Ah, hell, just go read the articles.

The point is, the idea is that this book will serve as a sort of recruiting and training manual for the Hard Right. At this point I should assure the liberaltards that this is not a political screed written by a self-absorbed lunatic interested in blaming others for the defeat of his culture. It is, instead, focused on teaching the lost and directionless men of my generation and younger about the lies that they have been taught, and giving them a path to real self-improvement, freedom, philosophical enlightenment, and a fuller understanding of the Truth of our Lord.

My writing has, of course, been heavily influenced by many authors - Ivan Throne, Adam Piggott, Jack Donovan, Vox Day, Roosh V, Mike Cernovich, and plenty more besides. When - maybe if - this book is completed, anyone familiar with their works will immediately recognise the stylistic and tonal influences.

After all, as a vastly greater intelligence than I once remarked, "If I have seen further, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants".

I have no idea when this book will be completed. I've finished a few chapters by now, but there are many to go and even the Foreword itself is not in its final state. All I can say for certain is that it is being written, and that I am going to do the very best job that I can on it.

So - here is the foreword. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Do not bother being nice or trying to spare my feelings; if your criticism is legitimate, feel free to offer it.


A vigilante is just a man, lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be destroyed, or locked up. But, if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal… and if they can’t stop you… Then, you become something else entirely.”

Which is?...”

Legend, Mr. Wayne.”

Henri Ducard and Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins, 2005

I am the Didact. I am your guide. I am a proud member of a small but growing band of brothers united in the common goal of seeking Truth and preserving its precious light amid the growing darkness of this savage time.

I am not your friend. I am not your saviour.

I am not here to comfort you with sweet words and easy lies. I am here to take your hand and lead you through the darkness of a broken and dying world.

If you picked up this book looking for a quick and easy throwaway read – put this book down, and walk away.

If you are unwilling to see your illusions about the world shattered as you are confronted with difficult truths – walk away.

If you are easily offended – walk away.

If you are a follower of the false Gospel of Social Justice – walk away.

If you are weak in body and spirit and have no desire to improve yourself – walk away.

If you are any of these things, then you and I are and will always be enemies.

I stand for everything that you fear and hate – but the difference between us is that I understand exactly whence came the illusions and lies that you believe, yet you have no ability at all to comprehend what created my brethren and me. The Lord of Lies owns you – but I follow a very different path.

If, however, you are willing to learn some hard lessons, if you are willing to accept the harsh and terrible realities of what the DARK TRIAD MAN, Ivan Throne, refers to as “the dark world”, and if you are ready to take on the difficult task of being the very best version of yourself that you can be:

Then I gladly bid you welcome, and embrace you as my brother.

Now, let us ask: why are you here?

Perhaps you are reading this book because you are a young man who can clearly sense that there is something terribly wrong and broken in our modern Western society – but you do not yet have the words to put your inchoate thoughts into a coherent understanding of the problem.

Perhaps you are here because you seek answers about the nature of this world that we live in, because the explanations that have been provided to you by your teachers, pastors, friends, family, and even your own father have not proven sufficient to make sense of a world seemingly gone insane.

Perhaps you are here because, as is sadly the case for far too many young men these days, you grew up without any real father figure in your life and now look for masculine role models wherever you can find them.

I tell you, my brother, that your original motivation does not matter to me, or to any like me. All that matters is that you seek out the Truth.

Now, take my hand, and let us walk through the darkness of this fallen and broken world and toward the light of that Truth.

This book that you hold in your hands is a deep and powerful collection of wisdom and knowledge gleaned from across more than five years of writing, discussion, commentary, and learning. Most of the ideas contained within are taken directly from my blog, where you will find far more material in the archives than I can collect into a book without losing focus and brevity.

It is split deliberately into related sections, intended to carefully and methodically tear down the illusions that you suffer under and guide you to a sense of purpose and a life of freedom.

Part I concerns the nature of the world we live in. I very briefly describe how far the West has fallen from the glories of its greatest achievements. I outline for you the path to ruin that has led so many men like you astray. And I begin to teach you, in very basic terms, how you can avoid this ruination.

It is not enough, however, merely to diagnose or prescribe. We are Men, and as men we must also attempt to solve the problems that we see. Part II provides you with the tools necessary to do this, starting with the most basic changes that you can make to yourself in order to get better results in many different areas of your life, fast. Whether you wish to improve your finances, your fitness, your confidence, or your success with women, this is the section that contains the most germane advice for you.

Which leads us to Part III: fighting the war. The war to win back our culture and restore our sense of masculine pride.

Understand this, my brother, and understand it well: you and I are fighting in a desperate attempt to hold the line against the forces which seek to destroy everything that we hold dear. If you think I am being hyperbolic or hysterical, I urge you to read through this book thoroughly and then revisit your conclusion.

As a Man of the West, you are charged with the defence of the legacy of Graeco-Roman philosophy, Christian morality, and post-Enlightenment rationality, all of which have come together to lift humanity from the swamp to the stars in the blink of an eye in terms of the age of our race.

Within you is a shield and a sword intended for the defence of all that you love and hold dear. I bid you, brother, to turn and take hold of these mighty weapons, and join us in the fight. Now, let me show you how.


  1. Well, knowing that you have read "Heretics of Saint Possenti" makes me more confident of your ability to include the thread of faith and trust of your brothers in your manuscript... But I cannot honestly say I approve of including Jack Donovon's brand of homoerotic-inspired tribalism.


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