Making Britain great again

The very last episode of TOP GEAR's Series 20 - y'know, from back when the show was really really good because it was still hosted by Clarkson, Hammond, and May - featured a truly beautiful and epic tribute to British manufacturing, which has to be seen to be believed:

The parade at the end is enough to bring a tear to a grown man's eye. It is a wonderful display of patriotism and national pride - which, sadly, are concepts that the Western world seems to be in an awfully big hurry to forget.

The fact is that we need more of this sort of display, of love of country and pride of purpose. As that episode showcased, Britain's stereotypical image of being a country without any real manufacturing base is simply wrong.

Yes, real British-owned car companies are mostly a thing of the past; the largest British-owned automotive manufacturer, for instance, used to be The London Taxi Company, and they stopped production of the London black taxi a while back - and was then bought out by a Chinese firm.

Yes, the marquees of national pride are all owned by foreigners - Jaguar and Land Rover are owned by Indians, Bentley and Rolls Royce are owned by Germans, Lotus is owned by Malaysians, and so on.

And yet - Britain is still creating, building, and exporting truly great works of engineering. That wonderful tribute from TOP GEAR shows it without a doubt - in fact, that is only the second half of the original segment.

It is a real shame that the Brits themselves have no real sense of national pride anymore. They are not proud of their incredible accomplishments. They have no capacity to appreciate the fact that a small dark damp moss-covered foggy rock in the middle of the North Atlantic, whose people are either stiff-necked (and stiff-arsed) or morose and usually drunk, and who make some of the most horrible and blandly inedible food on Earth, created for themselves the greatest empire that the world has EVER seen.

Britons today, at least in the big cities, do not seem to comprehend the fact that roughly 100,000 British civil servants, trained in the British public school system and polished at their greatest universities, then sent forth into some of the most dangerous and inhospitable places in the world, were able to administer a nation of 300 million heathens in India. Outnumbered 3,000-to-one, they crafted India into the crown jewel of the Empire.

Most sadly of all, Britons these days do not seem to understand how their spreading of the Christian faith throughout their empire helped lift millions out of squalor and savagery, and helped spread the light of Christian civilisation throughout the world.

Now, all of these wonderful achievements are usually countered by citizens of the former colonies using some variation of the old "Britain raped my country!!!" trump card. There is much merit to that argument. It is indisputably true that the Brits pillaged their imperial holdings for all that they were worth. India, China, and large parts of Africa most certainly saw much of their greatest cultural and economic treasures taken from them at gunpoint by the Royal Marines and Navy.

These things are not up for debate. They happened. The Brits know it. We all do.

What such people always seem to forget, or ignore, is that unlike many of the other imperial powers - especially Germany and Belgium - Britain also gave a great deal back.

India's entire systems of public transportation, infrastructure, civil administration, public education, and medicine are all based on what the Brits left behind. The same is true for huge parts of Africa - which still has not figured out how to move past the "savage wars of peace" that the Brits had to fight in order to pacify the Dark Continent.

More to the point - can anyone seriously claim with a straight face that the Chinese and the Japanese would not have done all of the same things - and worse - were they in the same position? The Japanese absolutely did do worse, especially to the Chinese, during the reign of their own brief empire.

Can anyone honestly claim that, were Africans and Arabs given the exact same total dominance over the nations of Europe, they would not have done exactly the same and more? They are doing precisely that right now in the heart of Europe - and what is worse, they have been invited in to plunder and pillage and rape and loot by their own hosts. Talk about sheer suicidal stupidity...

Maybe the Brits should take a page from their American cousins across the Pond and take a moment to appreciate just how great their country really is. And maybe, just maybe, they should do what the God-Emperor wants to do, and throw a parade to show appreciation for all that their fellow children of the mother of the Anglosphere have done for the world.


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