Make Wakanda Great Again

Admittedly, "MWGA" sounds like part of an Eldritch incantation from some H. P. Lovecraft. ("Ph'nglui mwga'nafh Wa'kanda T'Challa ftaghn"? Anyone? No? Oh well.)

Even so, ever since I saw this meme this morning- thanks to our beloved Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) and his Meme Wars initiative- I have to say, this new Black Panther film sounds like it is going to be an absolute hoot for us in the Hard Right:

Now, I do not have the first clue who or what Black Panther is. The only black panther that I am familiar with is Bagheera from The Jungle Book, and I can quote his lines practically chapter-and-verse by now.

Since I do not bother reading SJW-infested virtue-signalling trash, I have no idea who King T'Challa is, and the best thing that I can say about him is that his name sounds an awful lot like that delicious braided bread that Jews make for the Sabbath.

(Feel that? It is as if a thousand SJWs suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced by a direct strike from a shitlord superweapon. I did mention just how good it is to be a shitlord before, right?)

The new Black Panther movie might well be excellent. Since I do not watch Hollyweird movies nowadays until they come out on Netflix or VoD if I can help it, I have no idea whether it will be. The trailer doesn't look too bad, I suppose:

However, I note with considerable amusement that this might just be among the most absurd fantasy movies ever made.

After all, it would have us believe that black Africans have built, all on their lonesome, a hyper-advanced nation that is beyond the First World in terms of its technology and infrastructure. Apparently this is possible because a meteorite made out of something called handwavium vibranium crashed into the region in which Wakanda exists, however many centuries ago, and this material has mutagenic properties of some kind.

In other words- in spite of the absolute best efforts of a whole host of undoubtedly talented writers and artists, according to Marvel's own lore, Africans still cannot build a top-flight country of their own without external intervention.

How's that for irony?!?

I also note that if I look around at Africa today, I see a lot of things worthy of praise. There is incredible natural beauty in Africa. There are ancient cultures and tribes that still have much to teach us "civilised" types about what it really means to be strong and self-sufficient. There is a sense of time and history stretching back to the very birth of humanity itself.

However, I rather pointedly do not see any nations that are simultaneously highly advanced, politically stable, disease-free, corruption-free, well-governed, and self-sufficient in terms of food and basic necessities.

It will take quite some doing, then, for me to suspend disbelief in the extremely unlikely event that I even bother seeing the new film. And that is before we get to the absurd CGI.

Nonetheless, it would appear that the SJWs once again inadvertently scored another beautiful epic own goal with this one. They are hyping this up into the greatest Marvelverse film since The Avengers- yet its core philosophy is exactly the same one as that espoused by their most bitter and dangerous enemies!

It is at moments like these that one is reminded, yet again, that the Big Fella Upstairs really does have a very interesting sense of humour.


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