In Soviet Russia, troll catch you!

Somewhere in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is laughing so hard that the Russian Army's generals are frantically trying to figure out exactly who it is that he intends to kill in truly horrible ways- thanks largely to this latest prank:

There are times when our friends over there on the Left make life very irritating indeed- mostly because they are such colossal spanners and pillocks. It is at times like those that we are best served by simply pantsing them, as ably demonstrated by a fellow shitlord at an Antifag rally in Berkeley last year:

And then there are the times when the Left just makes life worth the living, just by being themselves.

This is one of those moments.

Rep. Schiff got trolled so hard that it is something of a minor miracle that he did not turn to stone with the rising of the Sun this morning. If this is what it looks like when the God-Emperor "colludes with Russia", then I suspect that President Trump is going to enjoy a rather easy path to re-election in 2020.

All he has to do, after all, is let the Left be themselves.


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