Friday T&A: The Rivalry Edition

So there I was last Friday, back home from work and contemplating a cold beer while searching for images of hot babes, as is my wont on such evenings. Perchance I came across a South African lady who is, in fact, an outright model, posted a few pictures of her as a tribute of sorts to Lawdog, figured my job was done, and carried on with my evening.

Then I woke up the next morning and saw what my buddy and fellow shitlord Last Redoubt had come up with.

Now, as longtime readers know quite well, the quality of the Friday T&A segments is something of a point of pride for me. So when it was clear that I had been comprehensively and completely outclassed, by a another right-wing nut job no less, I realised that I had to up my thot-game. Considerably.

I'm rather annoyed to admit that he beat me to the punch today, too. But, hey, a little friendly rivalry is no bad thing, eh?

And yes, this is also an excuse to post a great RUNNING WILD song. What can I say, I like pirate metal. As I have always stated here, my taste in movies is appallingly bad, but my taste in music deserves a public service medal.

Happy Friday, lads. Last Redoubt's beers are on me in the event that he's ever in town.

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  1. I for one fully endorse and support this critically important competition and display of mastery for our World and its Peoples!

  2. #1 picture: THAT's what I love about Asian women right there.

  3. Competition is a wonderful thing.


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