Friday T&A: Hail to the Chief Edition

Ah, Friday. The day that we all walk out of work a bit early, hopefully with a spring in our step, and look forward to unwinding a bit after a hard week of, basically, "dicking about" in an office working for some overemotional Poindexter who couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag. The day on which we head home to our families to enjoy a quiet, cold beer, possibly a workout, and definitely some time well-spent relaxing with those that we care about.

Oh, and of course, the day on which we spend a few minutes contemplating the wonderful glories of the female form.

Today's Thot of the Week comes via Arizona and California - so at least she was born in a sensible part of the country, I suppose. She appears to have a decided aversion to clothing and an equally strong attraction to "coincidentally" losing her clothes right when a camera appears.

And given that President's Day is just around the corner, I can think of few better ways to celebrate the birth of the Father of the Nation than by giving thanks for the fact that this country still produces women who look like this.

Happy Friday, boys. I'm off to lift some heavy shit. My buddy LastRedoubt is undoubtedly plotting some devious nefarious dreadful scheme to come up with goods to outshine the below - best of luck to him, is all I can say. I'll let the readers be the judge as to who is winning this epic contest of awesome rivals.

Hey, ultimately it is the reader who wins, eh, what?

Note: Once again you might have issues viewing some of the Instagram-linked images. Just keep refreshing your browser window, they will all show up eventually. Trust me, the last two are ones you WANT to see.


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