Elitist Thought Patterns

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson's presentation at the Young Americas Foundation last year yielded some very useful insights into the way that the globalist elites in the Western nations think and act:

Dr. Hanson's descriptions are spot-on and dovetail perfectly with my own experiences from a couple of years back when I had an interesting run-in with members of my extended family over the meteoric ascent of the God-Emperor.

The globalist elites who have controlled the fate of most Western nations for about thirty years now have exercised that control under the knowledge, conscious or otherwise, that they themselves will not actually have to face the consequences of their own decisions. It is only the other people, the "little people", who will need to worry about their right-on commitments to open borders and mass immigration, socialised health care, lack of school choice, gun control legislation, and the outright vilification of law and order.

After all, they do not have to worry about Indian and Vietnamese workers taking away their jobs as lobbyists and journalists. They can and will send their children to the very best private schools and prep academies and liberal arts universities. They can always pay extra, or use connections, to jump ahead of the queues - sometimes years long - at hospitals to get treatment and medication. They can happily live within secluded gated communities, guarded around the clock by armed and paid security.

This mindset is, unfortunately, endemic within Western society these days. It would be bad enough if this state of affairs affected only the elites. In reality, however, just about every level of Western society has been infected with it.

The core of the problem is that many Westerners nowadays do not seem to see the connection between actions and consequences.

It is a simple and basic law of nature that every action, every choice, has a consequence. Nowhere is this link between action and consequence more profoundly important and necessary than in the matter of the sovereign franchise. Whether one likes it or not, the right to vote is indeed the power to use force, the full force and power of the government and its universally-agreed monopoly on the same, to achieve one's individual desires and ends.

If one votes for candidates or policies that support open borders, unlimited abortion, the destruction of cultural monuments and relics deemed "unacceptable" to prevailing current opinion, or unrestricted welfare, then one is using the power of the government to achieve these ends. But the one casting the vote rarely, if ever, feels the consequences of his or her vote.

We have seen, for instance, what happens when women are given the vote. It has been observed since the 1920s that giving women the right to vote has resulted, always and everywhere, in massive expansions of government power and steep declines in both birth rates and female fertility.

And that is because women are insulated from the consequences of their decisions.

In most societies, advanced or otherwise, men are net producers and harvesters of resources, and women are net consumers of them. So when women vote for increased government largesse and more government intervention - as is their wont, given their biological and evolutionary preferences for safety, security, and stability - they themselves do not bear the cost of these policies. Men do.

It is a similar story with respect to voting for or supporting increased immigration. The business leaders and corporate CEOs who support such policies do not have to worry about their jobs being outsourced to other countries or undercut by workers on temporary non-immigrant visas. It is only their employees who have to worry about such things - and in today's corporate environment, employees are easily replaced and replaceable. The concept of lifetime employment for a single corporation is, for all intents and purposes, simply gone.

A very great many of the problems that afflict the Western world today could be mitigated or simply solved overnight by forcing those who support policies directly inimical to Western civilisation to bear the consequences of their choices.

You want open borders? Great. You will be hosting a family of Mexicans, or Indians, or Chinese, or Guatemalans, or Syrian Muslims, in your house - after all, you plainly want them to immigrate to this country because they will magically turn into Americans just by landing on US soil, right?

You want all the abortions that you can get? Fine. Pay for them out of your own pocket - no medical insurance coverage.

You want Christians to be forced to accept homosexual "marriage"? Okay. You will be required to attend your local Gay Pride event in June, and you will be required to spend at least one night a week in a gay bathhouse watching the most unspeakable acts of degeneracy.

You want a total ban on guns for private citizens? Right. You will then be required to tear down the walls around your gated community and fire the security personnel hired to look after you 24x7.

You want to put a lid on school choice - or, worse yet, you want the Federal government to completely control education for all children? Very well. Your children will go to your local government-run indoctrination factory, and you will not get any say in the matter.

Now, obviously, no sensible member of the Hard Right wants more government power involved in any of these areas - except for the maintenance of law and order, which just about every part of the movement agrees is rightly the realm of government, and even there with some fairly strict caveats. But the fact is that the reason why so much dyscivic insanity has come to pass within the West is because people have gotten used to demanding just about anything they want, no matter how ludicrous or stupid - and have not had to pay the price for their own silliness.

Unfortunately this state of affairs cannot continue forever. As a legendary poet and writer once pointed out, one can only defy the gods of wisdom and virtue for so long before they exact terrible and bloody retribution.

The current situation, in which the peoples of the West have voted for themselves more welfare, immigration, and cultural degeneracy, and less safety, security, and children, is already reaching the breaking point. Western culture, which, whether we like it or not, is white European culture, is well on its way to complete and ignominious destruction at this point.

Several Western and Near Eastern European nations have already crossed the "fertility event horizon" of fewer than 1.6 children per woman. Furthermore, emigration from parts of Eastern Europe to the West - for example, from Poland to Britain and France and Germany - has now reversed because of the improving economies in those countries.

(Those improvements, not exactly coincidentally, have happened in large measure because Hungary, Poland, and several other former Warsaw Pact nations have adopted a very hard line against immigration and globalisation, and have done a great deal to shake the rust off their uncompetitive native industries. As usual, it turns out that sensible hard-headed policies actually do work to preserve national peace and prosperity, no matter how much they make the elites scream in the process.)

Only when it is clear that the available choices are death or survival will the elites be forced to realise the errors of their ways.

And only when the final and full weight of the combined follies of the Western elites, and the people who voted them into power, comes crashing down upon them, will there be any hope of a correction.

That correction, when - not if - it comes, will be extraordinarily painful and extremely bloody. All that we in the Hard Right can do is prepare, and take advantage of our opportunities as they arise.


  1. Fortunately, there is a solution:


    1. I figured you'd be more of the wood-nails-and-hammer type, sir, but I have to admit, this is a strikingly efficient alternative.

    2. The guillotine is traditional for aristocrats.


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