Don't you just f-ing love science?

Especially when it confirms what we shitlords have known intuitively for years:

It isn't really that difficult to figure out. Liberalism, as we understand it today anyway, is a fundamentally weak and self-loathing ideology that tells its followers that everything bad in their lives is the results of someone else's malign influences and actions. Whatever goes wrong, the liberal is always either the victim or the oppressor, depending on the identity of the aggrieved party in question and said identity's status within the absurdly confusing hierarchy of privilege.

Are you short, fat, ugly, poor, unsuccessful with women, stuck in a dead-end job, unable to get what you want?

According to the liberal/progressive ideology- again, in its current form, liberals were not always this stupid- none of this is your fault. It is all someone else's doing. And so you have no reason to improve, change your life, or take responsibility for yourself.

According to the Hard Right, though, there are some things about yourself that you cannot change- but whatever you can change is your responsibility, and you alone are responsible for the outcomes of your choices. Doing nothing to improve yourself is a choice, and if you make it, then that is your problem. The rest of us do not owe you a single damned thing. If you want to be mediocre and pathetic, fine. If you want to be amazing and incredible, great. Your destiny is in your hands and nobody else's.

There are, of course, cases where no matter what you do, you will never be able to change certain things about yourself.

Your looks, height, IQ, wealth, and a whole host of other attributes have a hard upper limit placed upon them by your genetics. You cannot change this.

If you have worked your entire life in one specific industry and then suddenly that industry gets wiped out more or less overnight by trade policies that you never voted for or had any say in, then no matter what you do, it will be extremely difficult to get yourself out of that hole.

If you are over the age of seventy or so, you will fall to pieces, sooner rather than later. This is unavoidable. Humans are mortal and eventually we will die.

Even so, the average healthy human being is in control of any number of factors that affect his or her health, wealth, sexual and reproductive success, career, and family.

The difference between the Left and Right today is that the Left argues that personal responsibility is oppressive and evil, while the Right knows quite well that someone who does not take responsibility for his or her own life is a burden upon the rest of us.

It naturally follows that men and women who take responsibility for themselves and try to improve themselves usually- not always, but usually- become more conservative in their outlook on life.

Taking charge of one's own life is hard work. One always has the choice to be fat, lazy, useless, and unproductive- or to become strong, fit, useful, and productive.

Add to this the fact that men and women are genetically hardwired to find certain attributes highly attractive, and the findings above make perfect sense.

Men are hardwired to find feminine women highly attractive. What makes a woman feminine? Youth, beauty, and fertility. What makes a woman young, beautiful, and fertile? Care over what she eats, regular exercise, long natural hair that signifies fertility and vitality, and a pretty smile. And how does a woman take care of what she eats, get regular exercise, grow out her hair, and make her smile look good? By taking responsibility for herself.

Women are hardwired to find powerful and charismatic men highly attractive. What makes a man powerful and charismatic? Height, strength, size, musculature, wealth, worldly experience, and the ability to acquire and grow resources. What gives a man these attributes? Regular physical exercise, the best of good eating, hard work and dedication to a mission, regular travel and reading, a ruthless competitive drive to succeed, and sensible care taken with his money. And how does a man go about getting these traits? By taking responsibility for himself.

Such men and women accept the polarity of their natures. They respect masculine men and feminine women.

That is why we of the Hard Right respect and admire the God-Emperor and his gorgeous wife, even if we do not necessarily agree with everything that President Trump says and does, and even if we recognise quite clearly that Melania Trump is well past her prime in terms of her looks.

Obviously, the scientific findings do not illustrate an iron law of nature, merely a heuristic tendency. If one is conservative, it does not necessarily follow that one is attractive. And if one is attractive, it does not necessarily follow that one is conservative.

Nonetheless, there are very good reasons behind this scientific finding. It all ultimately comes down to two basic realities:

First, the facts of life are conservative. Doesn't matter how much one tries to fight against them, they are what they are.

Second, men and women were and are intended to complement each other, not compete. Mannish women and effeminate men are abominations of Nature and of Nature's God, and that is why they are therefore unattractive to the rest of us.

So stand forth and celebrate, my dear shitlords and gun-bunnies. As the Lord did command, seek out happily conservative members of the opposite sex, go forth and multiply, and raise your offspring with their heads screwed on right.


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