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Justine Truvada Virgin Sit - "Did he queef? I think he just queefed..."

No, not to me - worthy though that cause would be - but to this brilliant little campaign to help the Canoeheads up north to man up the sackless wonder that is their Prime Minister:

(With - admittedly only half-hearted - apologies to any Canadian readers, but then again, most of you agree with me anyway.)

By the way, that demotivator up top isn't actually mine. I ran into that exact image somewhere, with that exact same caption, but I cannot for the life of me remember where or when. So I had to generate it myself.

To whoever came up with the original caption - you are a genius and I regret the fact that I must shamelessly rip you off. Then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

(UPDATE: Oh, right, that is where I got it. My bad, Paul - and yeah, you're a genius.)

I honestly did not think that it was possible to concoct a more embarrassingly low-T leader of a G-8 nation than President Odoofuss. I have greatly enjoyed mocking President Obama's lack of testicular fortitude for years, and enjoyed the hell out of it. When you put him next to a real and proper Alpha male who knows how to lead a country, the results are startling to observe.

But seeing Prime Minidress Justin Bieber there sitting next to the God-Emperor, evidently shorn of his nut-sack, takes it to a whole new level.

It is no small wonder that Americans generally think of Canadians as their overly polite ambiguously gay cousins - they are led by an effete simpering sackless and deeply confused tweeny-bopper pinup. It seems he was elected basically because he is very cute, to women, anyway, and as such was evidently elected into power in no small part because a large number of horny Canadian women wanted him there.

Judging by his ridiculously inept performances on the international stage, though, I have to wonder if a hologram or a sock-puppet might have done a better job as Prime Minister.

I mean, when a male model like that has to get up in front of the Canadian Parliament, sweating profusely, in order to debase himself and make a grovelling apology for elbowing a not-particularly-attractive female politician right in the tits, then you just know that your country is kind of boned:

Oof. I can feel my T-count dropping just from watching that gormless goofball.

To the one or two Canucks who read my writing - would you mind explaining for the rest of us what motivated the Great Frozen North to vote in this clown? That is actually a serious question - I would genuinely love to know what Prime Minister Justine Truvada has accomplished thus far beyond mounting an all-out assault of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and national security.


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