Can't Understand Normal Thinking

Ladies (and gents, too) - do you want to know what the biggest problem is with feminism?

Yes, I know, the natural response to this would be, "EVERYTHING - next question". Another valid response would be, "Blimey, where do we even start?!?".

Both answers are a tad trite, if we are honest with ourselves. The problem with feminism is fundamental and very specific.

It is not the fact that feminism leads to women becoming fat, tattooed, short-haired, pierced, worn-out hag-bags with far too much mileage due to their time spent on the cock carousel. You can find examples of this phenomenon here, and here, and here.

It is not the fact that feminism leads to women losing pretty much any possible sense of humour.

It is not the fact that feminism turns previously sweet, feminine girls who are pleasant to be around even if they are not all that good-looking, into foul-mouthed harridans who lack even the most microscopic trace amounts of femininity and warmth.

These are mere symptoms of the problem with feminism, and are but outward manifestations of the disease itself.

The single most serious problem with feminism - and I am not merely referring here to its particularly noxious and virulent "Third Wave" mutation, but to feminism in general - is that in order to be a feminist, one must lose any and all ability to understand that actions have consequences.

This seems to be a controversial assertion, for some reason, but any halfway competent examination of the history of the feminist movement over the last 150 years will show that it is an accurate one.

Feminism started out in its original "first wave" incarnation as a struggle for equal rights between men and women. Specifically, women wanted the right to work, and to vote. Never mind that history teaches with iron-hard firmness that complete equality is an impossible quest, and that even the search for near-equality between sexes, races, and cultures almost always leads to calamity and catastrophe. The suffragettes of yesteryear were not to be swayed. They sought the right to vote, and they got it.

The immediate result was an explosion in the size, scope, and- most worryingly- power of government, in every single instance in which women were given the full franchise.

The long-term result was the utter collapse of birth and fertility rates for every single nation that has given women both the full franchise and the right to work in the same jobs as men. That is on top of the stagnation of real wages across multiple income strata since the 1970s, as real incomes have either stayed flat or fallen outright.

It is easy to claim wisdom in hindsight. However, the reality is that each one of these consequences has been observed before and is an entirely logical outcome.

It has been known and understood since ancient times that women instinctively seek out protection and security - it is in their very nature to do so. All else being equal, women will always seek out any group or institution that can provide them with the most comfort at the least cost to themselves.

The institution of marriage is certainly the bedrock of civilisation - or at least, Western civilisation, which by the way has proven itself time and again to be the best kind possible. But marriage poses significant costs for women, because it clashes with their fundamentally hypergamous nature and requires them to commit to one man for (ideally) the rest of their lives.

Big Daddy Gubmint, on the other hand, imposes few costs upon women. When a large and powerful government comes into the picture, it becomes much easier for women to get resources from men without the associated costs of marriage and child-rearing.

The result of that has been the collapse of the institution of marriage - and with it, the collapse of civilisation itself - as men in my age range simply walk away from the entire idea. We know quite well that marriage is a very dangerous game these days.

The second-wave incarnation of feminism really started to lose the plot by demanding that women be given full equality - not merely the right to vote or to work, but full and total equality in all aspects of life. Once again, this notion was rooted in a catastrophic lack of understanding of cause and consequence.

Men have always sought out more uncomfortable, dangerous, difficult, and demanding jobs than women. We are risk-takers, builders, engineers, creators, warriors, and destroyers. We always have been. Women are much more conservative about putting themselves at risk - rightly so - and as a whole prefer less strenuous work that allows them more time with family and friends.

Put simply, men and women are different. This is not news.

But by insisting on full equality of outcome, without respecting innate biological differences and drives, and without understanding that true equality has never existed anywhere, second-wave feminists helped ram through legislation that turned men into second-class citizens and stripped them of their rights.

The direct consequences are plain to see. Men have abandoned our historical roles as fathers and husbands because we know that everything we love can be taken from us in family court. Many of us have stopped pursuing risky and rewarding careers because we know that, all else being equal, a woman will be given preferential treatment over us.

Once again, feminism proved itself to be an unthinking, bigoted, zealous ideology whose adherents simply cannot understand that actions have consequences.

And now we see the results of truly insane third-wave feminism, which posits that women are always and everywhere oppressed by men because full equality still has not come about.

The result has been the greatest witch-hunt in human history for sexual predators - both real and imagined - and oppressors who keep women from achieving their full potential.

Feminists cannot seem to understand that if they insist on vilifying and hounding men, we will simply respond by refusing to associate with women. Those of us in positions of authority and responsibility who have the opportunity to hire women, will simply refuse to do so - I have publicly stated to my family that I will no longer bother interviewing or hiring female candidates, and will no longer go to meetings with women without at least one other man present.

Feminists also cannot understand that if they insist on painting all men as sexual predators, and demand that all romantic interactions of any kind must be accompanied by positive consent, then men will simply stop bothering to date and associate with women.

And now feminists are beginning to see that their own demands for ever greater equality, for banning objectification of women, and for presuming immediately that all men are inherently guilty of being sexual predators, is resulting in job losses for women:

As always, feminists fail to understand the iron law that actions have consequences. They fail to think through the inevitable results of their own stupidity.

And because of this, they fail to realise that they are, quite simply, railing pointlessly against the very civilisation that has kept them safe and protected.

As Roissy and others have pointed out repeatedly, feminism is nothing more, and nothing less, than a civilisation-level shit test. It is a test to see how far women can push the very men who keep them fed, warm, sheltered, safe, and happy.

It is a test that Western men are failing. Miserably.

A woman born into Western - which is to say, North American, Western European, or Australian - society has, statistically speaking, won a lottery ticket.

She will grow up in a society where all but the most extreme cases of poverty live at levels of comfort and ease that can only be dreamed of in Third World nations. Even those living at or below the poverty line in America have appliances and comforts that several billion people in India, China, and Africa cannot imagine ever owning.

She will come of age in society where the abuse and maltreatment of women is considered among the worst forms of crime possible. She will be protected, by law, religion, custom, and tradition, from rape, slavery, hard menial labour, and much of the true harshness and brutality of the world. She will be accorded the fundamental respect that the Christian tradition teaches us is to be given to all men and women.

She will have the opportunity to go to school, mostly for free, to learn how to read and write. Should she so choose, she will have the chance to go to university - where she will find that women are now, on average, the majority of students. She will be given every possible advantage over men, whether it be extra time for completing exams, preferential consideration for positions in STEM degrees, or affirmative action on her behalf to give her a job following graduation.

Most Western women will never have to see their youth and beauty disappear in their twenties due to spending years of back-breaking toil in the fields under the hot Sun. Most of them will never have to worry about spending their nights out in the freezing cold of the streets, the way that so many veterans of Western militaries - almost all of them male - are forced to do, to the everlasting shame of those who sent them to war in the first place.

In every measurable way, the Western woman has never, ever had it so good.

And yet they are still not happy. They are still not satisfied. They test us constantly to see how far they can push us.

We men have failed to respond appropriately. We have failed their test. And the result is that Western men are becoming more like women with every passing day:

The solutions here are clear. The test must be met and we must not only pass it, but crush it.

Enough of this false Satanic gospel of "equality". It does not exist. It never has. It never will.

Enough of this nonsense that women are capable of having it all - the fact is that men cannot have it all either, so how can we possibly believe the lie that women are capable of doing so?

Enough of tolerating the vapidity and nonsense of women - and men - who call themselves feminists. They are weak and pathetic and cannot understand normal thinking - which is to say, they are literal CUNTs.

(Credit goes to Terrence Popp for that one, actually.)

How do we, as men, go about passing this shit test?

First: at every possible opportunity, call out women for their bad behaviour. This will require you to become resilient, anti-fragile, and independent of any corporation or organisation that is willing to bow to feminist pressure. If you have female co-workers and acquaintances who are fat, tattooed, with bleached hair, pierced, and generally un-feminine, do not associate with them and make your displeasure that their appearance known whenever you can. Remember, most communication between men and women is in fact non-verbal; it does not take much beyond a scornful or disgusted look to make it clear that the swamp-donkey working in HR is, in fact, ugly and fat.

Second: do not absolve women of their responsibilities. We of the Alt-Right constantly tell men to step up and take responsibility for themselves. This is right and good. But women have a part to play too. And that starts from a young age. Do not tell your daughters that they can grow up to be whatever they want - astronauts, physicists, soldiers, and so on. Tell them instead that the single greatest thing that they can ever do with their lives is to find a good man, convince him to marry her, and bear him good children. Their families, not their careers, will be their greatest legacy.

Third: wherever possible, work toward repealing and pushing back the web of insane laws that have brought us to this point. Politics at the national level is not the only kind in existence. Plenty of laws have been passed at the state, city, and local levels that are utterly hostile to Western civilisation by favouring women over men and foreigners over locals. Push back against them. Make it clear that you will not tolerate further infringement upon your rights. Push for the abolition of women's suffrage and the restoration of male primacy in the workplace, the Church, the family, and the community.

We men let our civilisation decline to the point that it is at today. We men must not fail the tests before us any longer. We can no longer afford to do so.

The price of failure, after all, is wanton suffering and misery visited upon our women - our wives, our girlfriends, our sisters, our daughters.


  1. I think it too little too late. The women of today have been given the affirmative action and the welfare drug by their big daddy/husband govt that it will be impossible roll back. They also make up 51% of the population, thus exercising considerable amount of electoral power. The politicians will continue to pander to them by perpetuating the current state of affairs. Feminist inroads into society and culture has been so deep that will be impossible to weed out its malevolent effects on society by merely pushing back. Only way this will come to end is by utter economic and civilizational collapse of the whole system that has been rotting for decades. The collapse and reset of the old Soviet Union in the 90's is a good place to start. People need to suffer hardship to appreciate what they got and make them realize that this narcissistic , attention seeking individualism has to stop. By far the delusional quest for equality has only resulted in a collectivist, debt ridden, communist welfare state that we are now!!

  2. The moment you let women enter the workplace en masse, you double the work force with barely competent, easily-replaceable drones. Automation has nothing on equal opportunity. All the results of this, from replaceable workforces, lowered wages, and treating employees like children or machines, naturally flows from this.

    The moment you give women or ANY group unlimited franchise without the need to sacrifice or a stake in the long-term outcome, they begin to vote in their own interests to the exclusion of all else. The results are easy to see.

    Women would have NEVER accepted the vote if they were enrolled in the draft.

  3. What is this wave bullshit, man? There is no first, second, third, or fourth wave feminism. It's all the same shit. It's just feminism, communism in drag and always has and will be for as long as it continues to exist.


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