"... and the men lost reason and faith"

Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail - one of the few columnists for that rag that has his head screwed on right, most of the time, and brother of the late irrational atheist Christopher - had some rather choice words for the #MeToo harpies back in November of last year:

Behold my proposed new autumn look for women in politics. The black, I think, is flattering and it radiates an air of cool unapproachability. No Minister would put his hand on the knee of anyone dressed like this; indeed, he’d have trouble finding her knee, or anything else.

Well, isn’t this what you want, all you squawking flapping denouncers of groping men and ‘inappropriate’ jokes?

You have lots in common with Militant Islamists on this subject. They, too, believe that all men must be assumed to be slavering predators.

And these beliefs lie behind the severe dress codes and sexual segregation which modern liberals claim to find so shocking about Islam.

Yet on this, it turns out that you agree with them. Any male action, any form of words you choose to disapprove of can and will be presumed to be guilty because, well, men are like that. The culprit will be ruined for ever.

Are you all off your heads? Do you have no sense of proportion?

The country is in the midst of its biggest constitutional crisis for a century, and wobbling on the precipice of bankruptcy.

The welfare system is about to melt down. And you think the most important thing in your lives is a hunt for long-ago cases of wandering hands, or tellers of coarse jokes? Yes, you do.

You have lost all touch with reality, and future generations will laugh at you. Alas, you are in charge now.

He is, in fact, correct. The #MeToo trend has already seen hundreds, if not thousands, of men accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour with absolutely no evidence.

The problem that we have here is that the definition of "sexual harassment" is presently extremely broad and vague, and has expanded considerably over the decades.

It used to be that pinching women on their arses and complimenting them on their busts in the workplace was quite acceptable, back in the 1950s - and that was back when women dressed very conservatively and were not often found in offices outside of secretarial or janitorial roles. Over time, such conduct became unacceptable and constituted "harassment".

The line was then drawn at "sexually explicit gestures or comments" - a man could not get away with making lewd or obscene gestures toward a woman. And there things stayed for a while.

But now it has gotten to the point where men in the West are no longer permitted to so much as look at women that they find attractive, lest they be accused of "objectifying" them. Catcalls and wolf-whistles, once perfectly normal for attractive women to hear while walking the streets, are now considered harassment. Men can no longer go into meetings with women alone - I have made it a personal policy to avoid going into closed-door meetings with women wherever possible, unless there is at least one other person present, preferably male, to bear witness to any interactions.

Things have degenerated now to the point where a man can be accused of "harassment" with absolutely no supporting evidence, and then find himself railroaded out of his workplace with his reputation wrecked forever.

There are unquestionably some real dirtbags out there who have now been exposed. Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and several other serial abusers, rapists, and just plain douchebags, have certainly been caught out and sent packing in disgrace. This is a good thing.

But that does nothing to help the men who now find themselves with their backs to the wall, unable to meet and date women through any of the normal avenues lest they be accused of doing anything "untoward".

The most darkly amusing consequence, though, of the #MeToo movement is the fact that it actually hurts attractive women the most.

Consider: the logical end-point of the #MeToo movement is indeed mass female adoption of the burka, the niqab, or the hijab. These voluminous and deeply unflattering dresses shaped like tents serve to cover up a woman's most attractive features - her hair, breasts, hips, legs, and in the most extreme cases, her face as well.

That is a disaster for attractive women, who will now have to rely on something other than their looks to attract and keep prospective mates.

(Contrary to popular belief, at least in Western nations, there do exist numerous women who combine brains, beauty, and accomplishments. It is just that they are quite rare in Western cities - but if you take a trip out to Eastern Europe, or parts of South America, or East Asia, you will find them. They do exist. Just don't make the mistake of believing that they are unicorns - they are still women, and are still perfectly capable of breaking your heart and robbing you blind if you let them.)

It is a triumph for fat ugly worn-out swamp-donkey feminists (Lord, forgive me my redundancies). They no longer have to compete with attractive women and no longer have to take responsibility for their own poor choices which have led them to be fat and unattractive in the first place. And since, unlike most really attractive women of my acquaintance, fat and ugly feminists generally are not accomplished, graceful, or even especially intelligent (for, if they were, they would not be feminists), they can then use that leverage to level the playing field between them and their far more attractive sisters.

We saw this lunacy claim its first real casualties among women recently when the whole kerfuffle over F1 grid girls erupted a few weeks ago. That was nothing more, and nothing less, than a very clear attempt by butt-ugly feminists to destroy the employment prospects of beautiful women, almost entirely out of spite and envy.

And it is simply going to get worse from there.

Feminism is, as Rudyard Kipling pointed out in rather more eloquent fashion in one of his best poems, a civilisation-level shit test. It is one that Western civilisation is failing, miserably. And that failure is serving to make men and women miserable in turn - with women ultimately paying the highest price.

This madness will continue until men simply abandon the marriage and sexual marketplaces completely, and Western civilisation itself collapses utterly - at which point, women will suddenly discover that being objectified and ogled for their attractiveness, beauty, and femininity is actually no bad thing at all, since it is these very attributes that prevents them from starving, freezing, and being raped by invaders who lack Western and Christian virtues with respect to the proper treatment and humanity of women.

On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
(Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "The Wages of Sin is Death."

-- from "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" by Rudyard Kipling


  1. Feminists want "Salem Witch Trial" justice, not Western Civilizational (Anglo-American) justice. The first part of that play worked well for the enablers and mentally unbalanced, but no so much the closing. May the screeching harridans of PoundMeToo get what they have earned.


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