An abject lesson in betatude

Courtney Stodden's estranged husband Doug Hutchison has spoken exclusively to DailyMailTV after Courtney made a public plea for him to take her back. Pictured: Hutchison and Courtney on their wedding day in May 2011 in Las Vegas

That picture above was taken at the wedding of a chap named Doug Hutchison, aged 51 at the time, to 16-year-old girl named Courtney Stodden.

Now, at the time, Mr. Hutchison was absolutely destroyed by the media in the court of public opinion. He was labeled - or, as Roissy rather more accurately points out, libeled - a paedophile. He married a woman at the absolute peak and prime of her youth, beauty, and voracious sexual energy. From a man's perspective, he had, indeed, hit the jackpot.

Fast-forward about six or seven years, and guess what? She pulled the pin and blew up their marriage:

Courtney Stodden's estranged husband Doug Hutchison has revealed his wife is planning to move in with her new boyfriend, despite her posting a desperate appeal on social media begging for them to work on their marriage.

The actor, 57, says he was left 'flabbergasted' by the message, and was even more stunned when he texted Courtney, 23, and was told she was moving into entrepreneur Chris Sheng's $10,000-a-month Hollywood mansion.

Breaking his silence and giving his first interview since their split early last year, Hutchison exclusively told DailyMailTV that the two haven't seen each other since September and haven't spoke on the phone since early December.

The estranged couple famously caused controversy when they married in 2011 because of the glaring age gap. Courtney was just 16 years old and Doug, 50, And the two have had a tumultuous relationship ever since.

But a few weeks ago, Courtney made a desperate public plea to Hutchison on Instagram, begging for him to take her back, even though she is dating Sheng, 37.

Hutchison said he wanted to give it one last shot: 'I still begged her to come to Michigan and work on our marriage, and she wouldn't. And that spoke volumes to me.'

Hutchison wept as he admitted: 'I have been left so confused and hurt. I am actually distraught by this. I cannot understand why Courtney posted that message on social media.

'Then she changed her mind again. Ultimately I want her to be happy first and foremost. I love her with all my heart, we are soulmates and I will always love her.' 

He said the two are currently filing paperwork to finalize their divorce on their six-year marriage, as he admits: 'I don’t think even Superman could be married to that woman.'

Hutchison and Courtney split at the beginning of last year after she told him she 'wanted to be independent and see other men.' But the couple continued to live in the same apartment in Hollywood and were on good terms.

Now, to be clear, the intent of this post is not to bag on Mr. Hutchison. He thought he had won the lottery when he married his much younger bride, only to discover that - guess what! - in a culture that rewards women for partying and sleeping around with artificial adulation, and denigrates women for staying faithful to their men, a young attention whore is eventually going to play true to her inner nature.

He is learning just how painfully a man can be stripped of his illusions about women. His much younger wife is cavorting around with an independently wealthy older man - who is still younger than he is. She insists on remaining married to him, in order to take advantage of the respectability that marital status confers upon a woman - even in today's completely screwed-up Western society - while riding the infamous Cock Carousel as wantonly as she possibly can.

So I do have a fair amount of sympathy for Mr. Hutchison. Yes, he damn well should have known better; an attention whore can be spotted from a young age and there is no question that Ms. Stodden was one from the very beginning:

However, I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for any sad-sack Betas who come along and shower the Stodthot with gifts. And unfortunately, this new chap, whatever his name is, has already made a series of serious mistakes:

The two began spending time together and are now in a full-blown relationship, with Sheng showering Courtney with gifts and money, Hutchison claims. 

Sheng describes himself as an entrepreneur on his website, claiming he can teach people how to build a billion dollar business.

On his Instagram account, he has posted photos of himself and Courtney kissing each other passionately.

Issuing a stark warning to Courtney's new man, Hutchison said: 'He is in for a huge and painful loss. Court has told me she is not in love with him.

'He thinks he has a shot with Court's heart – I have a feeling he is going to fall really hard. Court insisted she didn't like him in that way.

Whoo boy. This is not going to end well. And the problem is that Ms. Stodden's looks have degraded significantly since her salad days.

Here is the what Ms. Stodden looked like at age 16:

No man in his right mind would ever say no to the opportunity to wife that up - as long as her personality and other life skills were not involved in the discussion, obviously.

And now here is Ms. Stodden today, aged about 23:

... Umm... Ouch.

The only metaphor that I think comes anywhere close to describing such a sight probably involves revving a Ferrari F488 up to its top speed of about 205mph - and then aiming it straight at the tire wall, and hitting it without ever touching the brakes.

This, by the way, is what a pre-crash Fezza GTB looks like:

Yeah. Imagine smashing something that beautiful into smithereens.

Now imagine you are given something that beautiful - and it decides, all on its lonesome, to crash itself.

That is about the scale of the tragedy that has unfolded here.

Both Mr. Hutchison and Mr. Sheng - and any one of Ms. Stodden's future male suitors as well - need to take a serious dose of red-pill wisdom. One of their respective relatives should do them a favour and get them a copy of Rollo Tomassi's book for immediate reading.

The first lesson to be learned is that a ho never changes her thot-spots. If she started out craving attention, she is going to get worse, not better, as she ages - and as she sees that her hotness rating is moving in inverse proportion to her years on this Earth, she is going to get more desperate for attention, not less.

The second lesson is that such women are the very definition of pump-and-dump material. Never marry such women. Date them, to be sure. Have fun with them - given her, um, er, heavily inflated airbags, and her youth, Ms. Stodden would likely provide quite the evening's entertainment for any gentleman suitor so inclined to take advantage of her offerings. But never, ever, EVER, but a ring on them.

The third, and most important, lesson is that it is that even the most sweet, caring, feminine, and traditional woman can be corrupted by a broken culture. Granted, Ms. Stodden was never an exemplar of feminine virtues and fidelity to begin with. But, in a culture like modern-day America's, which has plainly gone queerer than a three-dollar bill and increasingly makes a football bat sound like a sensible idea, only the most strong-willed and well-trained woman, from the most grounded and traditional of families, is going to be able to resist her own nature.

Ms. Stodden is not such a woman. Most Western women today, regardless of age, are not such women. The mistake that men of my age and older keep making lies in continuing to provide validation for their existence by lavishing attention, gifts, and money upon them.

That is in and of itself a giant mistake. The man who thinks that he can redeem such a woman, however - as Ms. Stodden's current, er, someone seems to think he can - is beyond saving. He is so far gone, so incapable of rational thought and action, that his friends and loved ones might as well read him the Last Rites. He cannot be helped.

The desire to play Captain Save-A-Ho runs strong in modern men. This tendency has been impressed upon us from a very young age by a culture that believes that women should never be held accountable for their own stupidity and their bad decisions. Too many men give in to that urge and try to wife up women who have let themselves be treated like rental cars.

If there is one lesson for every man to learn today, of any age, it is this: DO NOT play Captain Save-A-Ho. The thot cannot be saved. She is beyond help - and if you insist on trying to save her, so are you.

Instead, take the time, money, effort, and mental anguish that you would have spent on that girl, and put it into making yourself a better man.

Learn how to ride a motorbike. Take up a martial art. Study a new language. Figure out how to play a musical instrument - better yet, learn how to play the drums, because there are few things on Earth that satisfies a man's most primal urges to break shit than by hitting things with sticks in the process of creating music that other men listen to when they want to break shit. Travel to Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia and meet beautiful, feminine women who actually know what it means to be a woman and look after a good man.

Do anything else - including going for a stroll through a lion enclosure at the zoo while wearing a suit made entirely out of raw ribeye steaks - before trying to save a ho.


  1. I never thought she was very pretty. Decent tits, sure, but those always looked a little fake and were, in any case, doomed to be quickly routed in the war against gravity. Otherwise, meh, and, as you say, she pretty much reeked of slutishness from a very early age.


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