Thank God, indeed

Doff your hats, gentlemen:

And in a similar vein:

It goes without saying that I am, quite obviously, not a country boy. Never was and probably never will be. I was born and brought up in cities all over the world.

The big difference between me and most people like me is that I do not hold farmers, fishermen, hunters, and other such "country folk" in contempt, at all.

I know quite well that it is thanks to such good and decent salt-o'-the-earth types that I am able to put cheap, tasty, well-manufactured produce on my table and live the way that I do. Their efforts are not to be taken for granted or derided, as so many of the elitist asshats in this country (and elsewhere) seem so willing to do.


  1. May I suggest:

    Oddly, the first two suggested videos that come up on the side are "Copperhead Road", and "Thieves" by Ministry

    1. Actually I think those suggestions have more to do with your personal viewing history- the Goolag appears to have some sort of sinister algorithm that picks through it to find out what you want to see again and again.

      Funny you should mention "Copperhead Road", though...


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