Sometimes it is good to be evil

Especially when your theme music goes something like this:

Speaking of awesome evil villain theme music- I do not think that we will ever find a finer example of this than The Imperial March.

Remember when Darth Vader strode onto the screen in STAR WARS IV: A New Hope? (A.k.a. "the really GOOD versions of these movies that did not become SJW-infested flaming crapfests".)

Little children and small animals would simply wet themselves in sheer terror as a 7-foot-tall black-clad cyborg- albeit with an asthma issue- which just made him sound even more scary- strode onto the screen and proceeded to straight-up murder the captain of the Tantive IV.

And let's not forget the Dark Knight's theme from back in the day- before BatBale, before Christopher Nolan, before all of the brilliance of the Dark Knight Trilogy. I'm talking about the epicness that was Danny Elfman's music from the days of BatKeaton:

I recently re-watched both Batman and Batman Returns, and I have to say, both movies have really aged badly, the second one in particular. They are both campy, silly, and frankly very stupid in a lot of ways- and as usual with most adaptations of the Dark Knight's saga, they get the character of Batman largely wrong. They mostly portray Bruce Wayne as the main character and Batman takes second billing to the villains.

And of course there was the fact that, contrary to Batman's one hard rule of never killing anyone, BatKeaton absolutely slaughtered his way through God only knows how many minions over the course of both films.

The difference between those adaptations and the brilliant, legendary animated series from the 90s is that the latter made it clear that Bruce Wayne was the mask, and Batman was the real person underneath. And one will never, ever manage to top Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman:

Now that is how you play Batman- the darkest of superheroes, the man who treads the finest of lines between good and evil.


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