Shredded feminist over a bed of regret

The inimitable Prof. Jordan Peterson was invited onto a British current affairs programme and interviewed by an overly-coiffed, highly aggressive, and extremely overconfident SJW of a presenter about the present-day "crisis of masculinity".

That went about how you might expect, really.

In other words, the SJW host ended up looking like chum before a (very polite, erudite, measured, and eloquent) shark. By the end of the interview, hostess Cathy Newman- who in any sane world would be fired for suffering from what appears to be a terminal case of Dunning-Krueger Syndrome- was reduced very nearly to tears by the relentless grinding assault of facts, evidence, logic, and carefully worded arguments.

Ms. Newman there is the perfect advertisement for everything that the rest of us truly hate about the media. The smugness, the condescending attitude, the totally unjustified sense of preening moral superiority, the outright ducking and dodging of points that conflict with the bubble of her worldview, the insistence on interrupting a man vastly more intelligent and qualified than her to tell him what she thinks he said- it is all there.

Frankly, I'm amazed she is engaged or married at all. It is astonishing that any man would actually want to wife up a shrike like that.

Now, for the record: for most people in the Hard Right, the rule is, and always will be, DO NOT TALK TO THE MEDIA. They do not want to hear your point of view. They do not want to give you a public forum. They want to tear you down and make you look as ridiculous and crazy as possible. They want to destroy your reputation in the most public and painful way possible.

Most of us do not have the skills, talent, or personality to take the fight to the media. Even those who are really of the nationalist Left are not particularly good at this- witness what happens whenever Richard Spencer and his merry band of retarded alt-Reich Nazi LARPers get any kind of airtime whatsoever.

There are, of course, some exceptions.

One of them is Darth Fabulous himself- Milo Yiannopoulos. His style of taking on the media involves a rhetorical approach that combines what he calls "laughter and war":

However, his way of doing things is a mirror image of the way that liberal so-called "comedians" like Jon Stewart make what passes for their "arguments". Whenever they are caught out or trapped in a corner by someone on the Right willing and able to take the fight to them, they always resort to the usual "dude, it's just a joke!" routine.

Milo often seems to do the same, and he gets away with it because most of the Leftists that he debates are- not to put too fine a point on it- idiots or feminists. And it must be noted that there is not much of a distinction between the two.

The other end of the scale is the cerebral, erudite, professorial, relentlessly fact-driven, extremely dialectical approach of someone like Jordan Peterson.

Now, this approach is not without its problems. As our Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) noted, SJWs and Leftists think and speak almost completely in rhetoric- just as Ms. Newman did in that interview. They are virtually incapable of dealing with dialectic and insist on dancing around it or evading it as much as possible, which is why it is nearly impossible to argue with a liberal on the basis of facts and logic alone. They will try to get past you by simply shouting you down or calling you horrible names.

And indeed that is precisely what Ms. Newman tried- and failed, utterly- to do.

The key to Prof. Peterson's success lies in the fact that he simply refused to play her game. Every time she tried to jump in and put words in his mouth, he took her on directly, and ruthlessly and methodically destroyed her name-calling and ad hominem arguments.

My only problem with his approach is that he was way too nice and polite.

I would love to see what an Award-Winning Cruelty Artist, such as our own beloved Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH), would do to someone like that. Since he is skilled at engaging in both rhetorical and dialectical battle, I suspect that we would have seen Ms. Newman reduced to actual tears of gasping, impotent rage within about the first ten minutes.

I would have paid good money to see it happen, too.

For now, though, we shall have to satisfy ourselves with watching Prof. Peterson do God's work.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent18 January 2018 at 17:32

    Peterson talks about the dangers of ideological thinking. This woman is the poster child (kek) for what he's talking about. She never even listened to him, she just spend half an hour trying to put words in his mouth. Reason will not work with these people. Only shame, ridicule, and perhaps annihilation will do.


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