His Stigness speaks!!!

I remember seeing this clip kicking around several years back- I forget when, exactly, because as you can see I'm getting a bit old and daft at this ripe age of my early thirties- which came from a Dutch TV show that sent a camera crew and an interviewer lady over to talk to the lads from TOP GEAR.

It went pretty much how you would expect, really.

The upside of it, though, was that His Stigness finally actually said something on camera!

Honestly, the only thing that I think is missing within TOP GEAR Series 24 THE GRAND TOUR is the presence of the mysterious El Stig. The American was funny, up to a point, but he was a very well defined Southern good ol' boy sort of chap who came up with amusingly American put-downs about European and Japanese cars, and had some good insults to lob at The Three Amigos. But beyond that, he really didn't have a whole lot to offer.

There is something great about having an anonymous, faceless racing driver to serve as a silent comic foil to the other three bumbling goofballs. And in case you're wondering what that looks like, in the current (miserable) post-Clarkson era of TOP GEAR We Have the Greatest Jobs in the World But Will Now Spend An Hour Making the Most Amazing Cars Ever Made Look Totally Boring, then here are some great reminders:


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