Happy New Year

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made, without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was a life, and that life was the light of all Mankind. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

-- Luke 1:1-5, Gospel of Luke, The Holy Bible

Welcome to 2018, my fellow glorious deplorables.

I've no doubt that some of you reading this post look a lot like this by now:

demotivational poster FIREWORKS Without them, soccer is ...

If you do, I cannot really offer much advice other than sleep, rest, and possibly a little "hair of the dog". I'm not really much into partying, after all. Never have been, never will be.

As for me, I tend to be of a similar mind with our friend the Gentleman Adventurer, who has a rather "bah, humbug!" sort of attitude to the whole idea of staying up at midnight to deal with what he hilariously calls a "gigantic slobberfest". Being of an early-rising disposition myself, I have almost no patience for such tomfoolery, so midnight in my time zone found me sound asleep in my bed in my parents' home in the old country.

Unfortunately I was rather rudely awakened by everyone else in our neighbourhood, the lot of whom insisted on detonating fireworks and yelling and cheering. And then I was kept awake at around 2am by a mosquito that had entered my room and could not be cast out- I refer to such things as "Beelzebugs"- until I finally terminated it with extreme and bloody prejudice. Its splattered remains shall serve as a dire warning to all such creatures who think that the Didact will tolerate their bloodsucking ways.

Do NOT screw with my need for sleep.

Anyway- 2017 is done, and what a good year it was, on balance, for us in the Hard Right.

It has now been exactly five years since the day that I decided to start up this blog. It's hard to believe that I've been writing for this long. Very few blogs survive more than a year before their authors lose interest or run out of time. Fewer still survive for multiple years, so that in and of itself is something of an achievement.

Things have changed and evolved for me quite a bit during that time, of course, but the basic commitment to finding out and accepting the Truth never did.

Speaking of Truth- I have always taken the view that transparency with respect to pageviews and blog statistics is both necessary and correct; I am not John Scalzi and I do not lie about my own popularity or lack thereof. I started out the year with a little under 735K pageviews, and crossed the one million mark toward the end of 2017, to finish up with 1,020,400 or so views. That is a change of just under 39%.

Obviously, that is a long way down from previous years where the change in pageview stats was about 86% in 2016, 88% in 2015, and 162.5% in 2015.

This is the natural result of a blog that has been around for a while without any (serious) attempt at self-promotion. That is entirely on me- I don't do much of anything to promote my work and I don't write for pageviews. Still, it is clear that I could do a lot better, and perhaps it is long past time that I do, in fact, do better. Exactly how, of course, remains something of an open question at this point.

Nonetheless, last year was the best one so far in terms of output. I think it is fair to say that my writing was tighter, even though many of my posts were quite a bit longer than before. The feedback from readers indicated that the quality of my work was better than in previous years, and people who read what I write got a lot more out of my work.

As always, I am deeply grateful to all of you who read what I write. I do not write for anyone other than myself. Even so, it is gratifying to know that my work has contributed to the lives of others in some small way. I truly appreciate the fact that you take the time to read my work, comment on it, link to it, argue with me about it, and keep me honest at all times.

Looking at the bigger picture, we now can see that 2015 was the year of Peak Social Justice, when things seemed truly dark and terrible. It seemed as though everything that is good and great about Western civilisation, ranging from its art, music, literature, and film, to its most important institutions of law and civic order, had been infiltrated and thoroughly subverted. Disaster followed catastrophe for us in the Right with seemingly monotonous regularity.

Yet it was clear in 2015 that the Reclamation had begun. The war for Western culture was not lost. And that was proven beyond any shadow of a doubt in 2016, when Brexit and the God-Emperor's ascension crashed across the world stage.

In 2017, the Hard Right made our presence felt. We can no longer be ignored or shouted down at will. We are here to stay.

For me, there are some clear lessons to be drawn from 2017.

First: SHUT UP AND SHOOT LEFT. The Right has a rather annoying tendency to fragment into squabbling little tribes that then degenerate into obsessive purity spirals, simply because of relatively minor disagreements over this or that aspect of political ideology. This is downright stupid. As long as we all generally agree that The West Is Best, we can worry about sorting out the various details later. Right now, we have a war to win.

Second: ignore the moderates, but don't attack them unless they attack you. Our Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) made this clear in his excellent book, SJWs Always Lie; moderates are not your friends. They will shoot or stab you in the back at the earliest opportunity while leaving our enemies on the Left alone to do as they please. This is part of the reason why the Republican Party cannot seem to get one damn thing done in Congress, despite having control over every branch of government now- though that may change now that the God-Emperor has some real political capital to spend and some momentum behind him.

Third: keep your promises. The reason why the God-Emperor is making such an impact is because he is, by and large, doing precisely what his base elected him to do. And even the most ardent NeverTrump idiots are beginning to figure this out. But if President Trump fails to deliver on his core promise of immigration control and a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL!!!, then his base will turn on him in a heartbeat. And, to his great credit, he knows this.

Fourth: stay motivated and keep your morale high. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and lose hope overall. Certainly that was the case for me during 2017; there are plenty of posts scattered throughout the year that have a really gloomy tone to them, followed within a few days by much more cheerful articles showing how we are winning in other areas. This somewhat schizophrenic outlook is no doubt rather confusing, so it is important for both me as the writer and you as the reader to keep the end goals of the Hard Right in mind. Keeping our morale high while destroying that of our enemies is the key to winning our Long War.

Fifth: honour and support your friends and allies. The Left is not known for its sense of honour or its ability to keep its word. It is instead known for the politics of division and discord. The Hard Right thinks and operates very differently. We believe in fighting hard and fighting to win- but we also believe in giving credit where it is due, and in supporting our friends. A couple of you had written to me personally in 2017 and asked privately for my help, and you know that it was given. I supported others like Vox Day and Milo by buying their products or investing in their ventures. We cannot fight this war alone; to win it, we need strong alliances and good friends.

Sixth: practice what you preach. It is all very well to argue that the West needs to return to its traditions and touchstones of Christian morality, Graeco-Roman philosophy, and strong nuclear families. It is quite another thing to actually do these things. I am not exactly any kind of paragon of virtue in this regard, by the way, and I don't pretend to be. I'm not Christian, I'm not married, I don't have children. In my view these are three serious personal failings that I have to fix- and yes, you read that correctly, the former atheist heathen did just say that he considers the fact that he is not a Christian to be a failing. Fixing the problem of no wife and no kids will take longer, but it is every bit as important.

And seventh: never stop improving. I have multiple goals in my life that I work toward, even when on holiday. There are several changes that I intend to make to my life this year. With most people, this is the sort of wishy-washy "New Year's Resolution" nonsense that goes out the window within a month (and usually much less than that). The difference between a "resolution" and an actual, actionable plan is in the execution. A goal without a plan is merely a wish. A goal with a plan is something that you can hold yourself accountable for and deliver against. So don't make "resolutions" to improve. Make plans and then get them done.

Those plans could amount to simple things: "Make X amount of money in Y months". "Approach X number of women in a week." "Hit X, Y, and Z in my three major lifts by M month." "Read X number of books by year-end." "Achieve my next martial arts rank by end of February". Things of that nature are easily defined and can be achieved through systematic application of simple principles.

Or they could be more abstract and complicated: "Learn a new language"- I'm teaching myself Russian right now, for instance. "Learn how to ride a motorcycle." "Visit a totally new country and culture." That sort of thing. These goals are harder to achieve and require more planning and effort, but are in my view the ones that really enrich your life.

Forward into 2018, brothers. To borrow a byline from the Dark Triad Man, 2015 was a year of survival for us, 2016 and 2017 were years of momentum, and 2018 may well prove to be a year of true triumph.

For, as was written so many centuries ago, in another time when evil ruled the land every bit as thoroughly as it does today, the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The darkness will never overcome it, not so long as the good remain unafraid to do what we know is right.

This is the season, in and around the New Year, is a season of love and hope; a time for reflection; a time of expectation; a time when people in America, just like people all over the world, gather with family and friends to remember in many different ways the blessings of God and to look to the future with hope."

-- Ronald Reagan, New Year's Radio Address to the People of the Soviet Union, December 31, 1986


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