Friday T&A: Thot Next Door Edition

Another Friday, another set of hot T&A to start off the weekend properly. This week's serving of gratuitous eye-candy comes via an Instagram, er, "model" who plainly has no problem with self-serving exhibitionism. One has to wonder what her going rate is for "sponsorship".

Nonetheless, if you are prepared to look past the clear fact that she is indeed only in it for the money and the attention (safe for work, more or less), she does have the full package- young, hot, tight, great body, nice smile.

Just don't be silly enough to fall for that smile, that's all. This young "lady" is going to have a very interesting time in about 10 years when she realises that her antics are plastered all over teh interwebz for the entire world to see, yet suddenly her "goods" have aged significantly and she cannot get by on her "looks and personality"- D-cups, no less- anymore.

I should point out that, given her name, I initially thought about using some sort of pun related to Fifty Shades of Grey, but that would have been a bit stupid even for me. So I decided to stick to what I do best and call her exactly what she is.

Happy Friday, boys. I'm off to the gym to press some cold steel and catch up on my reading.

UPDATE: It would appear that Ms. Grey has decided to GTFO teh interwebz (and landed me with a DMCA strike in the process) - I cannot imagine why, but no doubt it has something to do with the fact that taking her clothes off for the camera for money is not perhaps the greatest of career choices for most girls. Oh well. I'll just have to find someone else's picture for the year-end best-of collection. (Yes, such a thing exists, and it's awesome.)


  1. Understands a fetching pose, she does


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