Friday T&A: Siberian Hussy Edition

It's that time of the week again, boys- when all shitlords near and far crack open a cold one and relax after a long week of being awesome and triggering the liberaltards to and even beyond the point of mental breakdown. After all, while we are clearly doing the Lord's work by defending truth, beauty, proper beer from the Zerg-swarms of the Left, it is tiring work- no matter how vital or necessary.

To help us all relax, let us take a moment to observe the glories of the female form, as demonstrated by a certain Russian (of course) lady who calls herself a painter, a model, and a "happy wife".

The Russian actually translates as "Super Wife", but I'll let that pass, as there is a rather more important question to ask:

Just what kind of a "model" poses in front of a McLaren supercar just for kicks, unless she's married to a billionaire oligarch and/or gets sponsored? And judging by her efforts at painting... well, she's better off sticking to modeling.

(Yes, I know she has tattoos. I find them just as ugly as you do. It's the rest of her that interests me, of course.)

I will leave that question to the more erudite and inquiring minds among you. I personally am long overdue for a beer and will shortly avail myself of said refreshing beverage.

Enjoy the weekend, boys. Stay safe and warm, and remember that even in this season of mist, fog, bone-chilling cold, and general dismal dreariness, there is nothing that is beyond your reach if the Almighty is on your side.


  1. The tattoos are hideous and it takes away from her beauty...why do these women do this to their body??

    1. I agree. She would be a hard 10 without the tattoos. With them- at best an 8.

      She is one of those girls that you bang but never marry, which is why I find her claim of being a "Супер жена" (super wife) more than a little ridiculous.


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